Dad Creates Awesome Sandwich Bag Art from Dinos to Monsters to Mold (Photos)

Sometimes it’s the little things with your kids: the big smile before going to bed, that extra hug at school drop-off, or that one more round of peek-a-boo. David Laferriere has a tradition that he been doing for years that brings a little extra fun, whimsy, and wonder into his kids’ lunchtime. Every single day he draws a different awesome image on their sandwich bags, and he has chronicled his art and posted more than a thousand photos of his lunch bag creations on Flickr. Check out a collection of his amazing sandwich bag creations below as well as our interview with very talented and clever dad!

When did you start your project, and why?

I was looking for a way to jump-start my creative juices. I was already making their lunches and wanted to do something fun for them and me. I actually tried drawing with food coloring directly on the bread. That was too time intensive and the texture of the bread is terrible to draw on. I’ve always had some black Sharpie Markers kicking around and they worked well on the sandwich bag. Over time I added other colors and have experimented with different techniques.

Do you have an art background?
ӬI am a graphic designer and illustrator working in the Communications office at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. I have always loved to doodle, draw, paint, etc. [and] was lucky enough to graduate from Rhode Island School of Design.

How old are your kids?
Thirteen and 15. They were at the end of second and fourth grades when I started doing this.

Do your kids get excited about the drawing you surprise them with?
In the beginning they might say something about what I drew. I’d sometimes ask them something about what was on their bag, get a blank stare and then they respond, oh yeah. Once I drew an alarm clock because my son has a problem getting up. He replied sarcastically, “Thanks Dad.”

What kind of sandwiches are in those bags?
My oldest likes almost anything. My youngest has always had peanut butter and jelly. They also get a juice, fruit and a snack.

  • Dino Digging 1 of 25
    Dino Digging
    I love how the digger is on top of the sandwich.
  • Monster with a Sharpie 2 of 25
    Monster with a Sharpie
    A monster who holds on to his Sharpie, just like dear old dad.
  • Waffle 3 of 25
    Is it a waffle or a sandwich?
  • This is Not Ice Cream 4 of 25
    This is Not Ice Cream
    Yes, this is not ice cream, not ice cream at all.
  • Ground Hog Day 5 of 25
    Ground Hog Day
    This one was done for the day before ground hog day, the calm before he exits his hole.
  • Batman 6 of 25
    A totally cool and classic Batman.
  • Eyes 7 of 25
    The eyes have it!
  • A Bite 8 of 25
    A Bite
    This one seems to be missing a bit out of it.
  • Worm 9 of 25
    Watch out, this one has a worm!
  • All Tied Up 10 of 25
    All Tied Up
    These two halves are all tied up.
  • Robot 11 of 25
    It's a robot encrusted sandwich.
  • Teddy Bear 12 of 25
    Teddy Bear
    This is one angry yet adorable teddy bear.
  • Faux Sandwich 13 of 25
    Faux Sandwich
    This sandwich is a bit deceptive.
  • Mustache 14 of 25
    A mustache wearing sandwich, 'natch.
  • Banana 15 of 25
    It's a glasses wearing banana!
  • Maze 16 of 25
    An interactive sandwich bag, a cool maze at that.
  • Snowball 17 of 25
    Snowmen having a snowball tight, perfect for winter.
  • Monster Feet 18 of 25
    Monster Feet
    So this is what a monster wears on it's feet.
  • Monster Time 19 of 25
    Monster Time
    Great placement of the eyes on this one.
  • Ducks in Rain 20 of 25
    Ducks in Rain
    Not all ducks like the rain.
  • Blood 21 of 25
    A little creepy, but still very pretty cool.
  • Moldy 22 of 25
    Another creepy, yet clever bag.
  • Hairy Tentacle 23 of 25
    Hairy Tentacle
    Good thing this is just a figment of ink.
  • Dino Walk 24 of 25
    Dino Walk
    A Dinosaur takes a walk on the sandwich top.
  • Spaceship 25 of 25
    This one is out of this world.

Check out the rest of his amazing gallery right here!


Image Source: Flickr

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