Dad Places Cannabis Oil In Son's Feeding Tube, Says It Saved His Life

Would you want your child to be given cannabis oil as a last resort to ease suffering? One Montana dad thinks it’s about time kids were allowed to be given medical marijuana in dire situations. He gave it to his own son without informing the child’s doctors, and he says it saved his life.

Two-year-old Cash was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor on his optic nerve back in 2010. Doctors immediately started an aggressive chemotherapy treatment which left the toddler’s body in poor condition. The little boy also suffered septic shock, a stroke and internal hemorrhaging. He was intensely nauseous and vomited ten times per day. He soon needed a feeding tube.

According to the NY Daily News, Cash’s dad, Mike Hyde, 27 became desperate and after the feeding tube was placed, as a last resort, he boiled up marijuana leaves and mixed them with olive oil. He then put a bit of the concoction into his son’s feeding tube in very small doses, hoping that it would alleviate the vomiting and help little Cash eat again. Hyde says it worked:

Not only was it helpful, it was a godsend. When he started the chemo, he was so sick. For the first six weeks, he was blind…It’s the nastiest thing to see someone you love go through this. In two weeks he was weaned off all the nausea drugs, and he was eating again and sitting up in and laughing.

When Hyde filled in the doctors after Cash had recovered, they said they were surprised and thought that he should have been truthful with them up front. A pediatrician who spoke to ABC News about this story believes that the practice was not only risky but doesn’t believe that medical marijuana would help cure cancer:

I think that the fact that he didn’t have the rapport and ability to be honest with the doctor is very troubling,” Dr. Linda Granowetter, a pediatrics professor at NYU, told ABC. It’s awfully hard to gauge if a child would have a bad reaction,” she added. Granowetter said the idea that pot can cure cancer is “ludicrous.”

To Hyde’s defense, he never claimed that it did cure cancer; he simply said he wanted to help alleviate his son’s nausea and help him eat again, which he believes it did. He says he didn’t tell doctors because the hospital where the boy was being treated was in Utah, where the practice is illegal. Hyde lives in Montana where he himself was prescribed medical marijuana to treat his attention deficit disorder. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 16 states. It is commonly used to treat nausea associated with cancer treatments, as well as glaucoma and other stomach illnesses, but it has not been tested on children.

Although doctors called the recovery “miraculous,” they also warned the family that there was a 50-80 percent chance that Cash’s cancer would come back.

Do you think medical marijuana should be tested on children? Do you think Hyde did what any desperate parent would have done? Or was his decision to not consult doctors and give his son marijuana oil dangerous?

Image: ABC News

Source: NY Daily News

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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