Dad Pulls Over on Way to Hospital to Deliver His Own Baby

Um, is this a Volvo?

The scene is a common one. A nervous couple en route to the hospital which will deliver their unborn baby. Such was the case last Thursday in Lancashire, England as Matthew Waddington negotiated rush-hour traffic, desperately hoping to get his wife, Rachel Cornwell, to Royal Balckburn Hospital in time.

The couple had originally hoped to have their child at Burnley General Hospital, which is nearer to their home. But when they telephoned the hospital to inform them that Rachel had gone into labor, they were told that Burnley was full and that the couple might have to go to another hospital. So it was decided that Rachel and Matthew would wait as long as possible before heading to Balckburn in the event they could procure a spot at Burnley.

Apparently they pushed the envelope a touch too far.

Or at least that’s what must have been going through their minds when Matthew was forced to pull off of the road mid-commute. He hastily exited his vehicle and ran around to the passenger side in the nick of time.

Said Rachel: “We stopped. The baby’s head was out, Matt came running round the car and just literally caught her as she came out into the footwell.”

As fate would have it, a medical professional happened to be passing by. And Dr Helen Turner was kind enough to stop and monitor Rachel and the couple’s newborn daughter (whom had yet to be named) until the ambulance arrived.

Boy, that Matt is obviously pretty cool under pressure. Me? Fainting would not have been out of the question. Wonder if ol’ Dr. Turner had any smelling salts?

I’ve been told this happens more than one might think. Do you know of such a case?

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