Dad Trying to Lactate So He Can Breastfeed Child

Ragnar Bengtsson, 26, busts out a breast pump every three hours, priming is “breasts” in order to one day hopefully lactate for his future offspring.

As a student, Bengtsson’s lactation vigilance often means he’s must whip out the old breast pump in class.

“…it doesn’t really bother me if it makes people uncomfortable,” he said, “If they have issues with it that’s their problem.”

One doctor thinks he may actually pull it off. A Swedish endocrinologist said that Bengtsson may be able to produce enough prolactin to cause lactation, if he sticks with the plan.

Said doctor even suggests men might want to give kids their nipple, even if there isn’t milk. “Men often have trouble finding things,” Sigbritt Werner, professor of endocrinology at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, told The Local. “And if the mother is out, the child is screaming and they can’t find the pacifier I’m sure there are a lot of men who give their baby their breasts.”

No, doctor, no they wouldn’t.

When asked why he seeks to lactate, Ragnar said, “Anything that doesn’t do any harm is worth trying out.”

I never considered myself a traditional father, but when it comes to bonding with my kid, I think I’ll skip the breastfeeding and maybe just throw the old football around instead. Hey, more power to him, but should he succeed, how much milk could the guy produce? I mean, this guy’s got appetizers to offer at best.

And because you didn’t ask for it, here’s a close up of Ragnar at work:

Source: The Local


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