Dad Uses His Own Kid to Shield Self from Pepper Spray

Ahhh kids, so handy. There they are: plowing the fields, working seven paper routes to pay for your new HD TV and always at the ready to take a face full of pepper spray for dear old dad.

At least that was some Florida dad’s logic. While fishing next to a boat ramp, the guy hit a vessel with his lure. As rationality dictates, the man and his wife walked down the ramp to yell obscenities at the vessel operator who possessed the nerve to get his boat in the way of another man’s fishing lure. A fish and wildlife officer approached the barking fellow, at which point the man became even more agitated. The fisherman threatened to fight the officer. That’s when the officer drew his pepper spray.

And that’s when dad drew his kid, using the 1-year-old as a shield.

The officer didn’t spray (of course) but did manage to arrest the man and wife.

I think someone should give the kid pepper spray for protection against their own parents. Using your kid as a shield is new to me, but proves my theory that there’s an infinite number of clever ways to be an asshole.

Source: The South Florida Sun Sentinel


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