Dangerous Cleavage Ahead: A Lesson For Teens

Are you wearing that?

Now might be a good time to warn your teenage girls and boys about the risks of skimpy clothing, thanks to a video from CNN reporter Jeanne Moos. She’s done a hilarious take on the perils of showing a lot of cleavage, for both men and women.

It seems Pentti Arajarvi, the husband of Finland’s president, was caught on camera ogling the décolletage of Princess Mary of Denmark.  Moos shares the funny clip in a segment about being, “… betrayed by even a subtle lowering of the eyelids.”

No sense pretending your daughters aren’t going to try to start showing more than they should, and that your sons aren’t going to leer at the places where the girls are showing more than they should.

For teen girls, the video illustrates the fact that showing your cleavage makes it difficult for any male to pay attention to what you’re trying to say.  Several of the TV and music stars featured in Moos’ story have to work hard to get the men to whom they’re talking to hear a single thing they’re saying.  Girls need to learn that risqué clothing in the wrong environment won’t help matters.

For teen boys, the problem is getting caught ogling cleavage when you should be paying attention.  You never know when a camera might be trained on you, as was the case with the husband of Finland’s president. One wonders if he’s in a Finnish woodshed right now.

I think Moos’ video could be a fun way to show to age-appropriate teens about being careful what you wear, and careful where you train your eyes.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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