Darth Vader Goes Hollywood: 13 Images of 'Star Wars' Characters Modeling High Fashion

Darth Vader
Is Darth Vader having his "It" fashion moment?

It comes as no surprise to any true “Star Wars” fan that Darth Vader has a flair for the dramatic. But an eye for fashion, too?

As it turns out — yes. At least in the mind of John Woo. No, not the “Face/Off” director. There’s another John Woo — also from Hong Kong — who is a wildly imaginative designer and illustrator, and he’s sketched a more stylish “Star Wars,” or at least some of the characters in more stylish gear (prints of which are available for sale via Etsy).

Behold a few of the most iconic characters in film as if they were dressed for Spring Fashion Week in New York or Milan. Could Chewbacca have a Ford modeling contract in his future? You decide:

  • He Wears It 009 1 of 13
    He Wears It 009
    Chewbacca with Outdoor Style
  • He Wears It 013 2 of 13
    He Wears It 013
    Padmé Amidala wears Gareth Pugh
  • He Wears It 017 3 of 13
    He Wears It 017
    Clone Shock Trooper wears Junya Watanabe
  • He Wears It 006 4 of 13
    He Wears It 006
    Scout Trooper wears VIKTOR and ROLF
  • He Wears It 005 5 of 13
    He Wears It 005
    Boba Fett wears Supreme and visvim
  • He Wears It 008 6 of 13
    He Wears It 008
    Tusken Raider (Sand People) wears Number (N)ine R.I.P.
  • He Wears It 002 7 of 13
    He Wears It 002
    Stormtrooper wears THOM BROWNE. New York
  • He Wears It 001 8 of 13
    He Wears It 001
    Darth Vader wears BAND OF OUTSIDERS
  • He Wears It 007 9 of 13
    He Wears It 007
    Jango Fett wears COMME des GARCONS
  • He Wears It 003 10 of 13
    He Wears It 003
    Jar Jar Binks wears Maison Martin Margiela
  • He Wears It 004 11 of 13
    He Wears It 004
    Clone Trooper wears A.P.C.
  • He Wears It 015 12 of 13
    He Wears It 015
    AT-AT Pilot wears Moncler Gamme Bleu
  • He Wears It 023 13 of 13
    He Wears It 023
    Coruscant Clone Trooper wears White Mountaineering

Source: BuzzFeed

All images used with permission from John Woo

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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