Daughter Uploads Video of Dad, Who Is A Judge, Whipping Her With A Belt (Video)

This is absolutely outrageous.  I watched it because the girl herself uploaded it to the internet to show the world what her parents did to her. And it worked. Millions and millions of people have viewed the video since it was uploaded earlier this week.

The disturbing video shows Texas judge William Adams repeatedly beating his then16-year-old daughter with a belt while she screams in pain. At one point he is assisted by his wife, Hillary’s mother who, as you’ll read below, has since divorced the judge.

This all apparently took place in 2004 so that would make Hillary Adams 23 years old today. She uploaded the video below with this powerful message:

2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, which was strictly forbidden by her father’s backwards views. The judge’s wife was emotionally abused herself and was severely manipulated into assisting the beating and should not be blamed for any content in this video. The judge’s wife has since left the marriage due to the abuse, which continues to this day, and has sincerely apologized and repented for her part and for allowing such a thing, long before this video was even revealed to exist. Judge William Adams is not fit to be anywhere near the law system if he can’t even exercise fit judgement as a parent himself. Do not allow this man to ever be re-elected again. His “judgement” is a giant farce. Signed, Hillary Adams, his daughter.

Click here to watch the video and see Judge William Adams’ and his ex-wife’s response to its release.

As Manolith reports, Hillary said, “I was holding onto the video until the right time…and after a barrage of harassment from my father over the phone, I snapped and finally uploaded it. Now I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner.”

The mother, Hallie Adams, now the judge’s ex-wife, has acknowledged the video on Facebook.

“I am praying for my daughters and me and my family to heal in all ways from emotional and physical abuse, for the current and continuing abuse of my children and me that has been ongoing to end starting now for my daughters to both finally be able to go to counseling both individually and as a family group with their Dad’s approval, encouragement, involvement and support, for him to finally make amends to all of us, talk openly with us, and take the first steps to letting our broken family heal.”

As CNN reports, yesterday, after the video’s release, Judge Adams was temporarily relieved of his duties for the next two weeks while an investigation takes place.

Adams has spoken to local news outlets who camped outside his home. He confirmed he was the man in the tape and said he beat Hillary because she took the family car and he ordered her to bring it back. “Her mother was there, she wasn’t hurt … it was a long time ago … I really don’t want to get into this right now because as you can see my life’s been made very difficult over this child.”

Adams continued: “In my mind I have not done anything wrong other than discipline my child when she was caught stealing. I did lose my temper, I’ve apologized. It looks worse than it is.”

Adams also said that it’s “not as bad as it looks on tape.” The judge said he had contacted judicial review officials in Austin and “more will come out” in the investigation, KRIS, based out of Corpus Christie reports.

A woman who identified herself as Hillary Adams, the daughter in the video, called into a local news station and said she posted the video, and criticized her father for “making light of the situation.”

“I just can’t believe he would say something like, he doesn’t think it’s a big deal,” she said.

She told KRIS she set up the camera to record the incident seven years ago, but waited for “the right time” to release the video.

“Waiting this long to publish it has enabled me to look at it with hindsight and not be so caught up in the passion of the moment,” Hillary Adams said. “I think we do, my mother and I, we do need to try to move on past the anger and just concentrate on getting counseling and help.” Adams also says the outpouring of support has been like a form of therapy.

“People are believing us now, instead of calling us liars like they have in the past,” she said.

A Facebook page called “Don’t Re-Elect Judge William Adams” has received more than 20,000 likes by Thursday morning with messages being posted from as far away as Australia, the Netherlands and Guatemala. A Spanish-language version of the video has also been posted on YouTube.

As far as an investigation goes, Aransas County District Attorney Patrick Flanigan told CNN authorities that police are taking the investigation seriously, looking at numerous factors, including the child’s age and the statute of limitations. Despite Adams’ public confirmation he is in the video police say they have to officially confirm the video is authentic.

Judge Adams is up for re-election in three years. He was elected to a four-year term last year. His office tells CNN his work schedule will be reassessed as new information is revealed in the investigation.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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