Davy Jones Has Died: Leaves Behind Sweetest Song About Father Abandonment Ever (Video)

Davy Jones Sings Daddy's Song

In 1968, the sugary sweet pop group The Monkees starred in a bizarre, psychedelic film simply called Head which was co-written and produced by Jack Nicholson.  The film is an odd stream of consciousness rant with the occasional cameo thrown in from Nicholson to Frank Zappa to Annette Funicello. But the stars of the show were The Monkees lending their singing, dancing and acting talents to the project.

One of the stand out numbers from the film is the Harry Nilsson tune “Daddy’s Song.” The song was sung (and danced) by Davy Jones, who passed away on February 29th at the young age of 66.

“Daddy’s Song” is the sweetest, saddest and most sentimental song about father abandonment like…ever. Nilsson wrote this song reportedly referencing the pain he felt from having his own father abandon his family when he was just three.

How does “Daddy’s Song” go? The lyrics are as follows:

“Years ago I knew a man
He was my mother’s biggest fan
We used to walk beside the sea
And he’d tell how my life would be
When I grew up to be a man
Years ago we used to play
He used to laugh when I ran away
But when I fell and hurt my knee
He used to come and comfort me
And the pain would go away

Years ago I knew a boy
He was his daddy’s pride and joy
But when the daddy went away
It was such a rainy day
That he brought out all his toys
Now the momma did explain
Trying to take away the pain
He just couldn’t understand
That his father was not a man
And it all was just a game

Years have passed and so have I
Making it hard to cry
And if and when I have a son
Let it all be said and done
Let all that sadness pass him by”

Check out the video here:


One of the odd things about it is the cheerfulness of the song, and the production of the segment of the film. It’s so upbeat and sweet giving optimism and hope to the next generation.

And yes, that is Toni Basil of “Hey Mickey” fame dancing with Davy.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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