Day at the Beach Turns Tragic as Boy Dies After Sand Tunnel Collapses Over Him

More than one tragedy occured as a result of a simple sand tunnel

A 12-year-old boy was just doing what 12-year-old boys do at the beach the other day: Digging a sand tunnel.

What happened to him, however, should happen to no one. The sand tunnel collapsed over him and the weight of the sand caused his chest to collapse, preventing him from breathing. He was at a beach in Long Branch, N.J., when he was digging the deep tunnel.

Lifeguards administered CPR on him after witnesses screamed for help and he was then rushed to a nearby hospital to the pediatric intensive care unit, according to, but ultimately nothing could be done for him. Sadly, the boy’s death wasn’t the only tragedy as a result of his sand tunnel.

To make matters worse — as if that’s even possible — a fire truck responding to the scene hit a man who was holding his infant son.

The dad suffered “some broken limbs” and the baby was injured, but not severely. The truck was driven by a firefighter on his last shift before retiring.

Photo credit: iStock

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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