Daylight Savings Time: 5 Tips For Parents of Toddlers

This time tomorrow, your body will think it's ten til six.

It’s all fun and games until the triplets lose an hour. And that’s exactly what’s about to happen. Tonight’s the night we all set our clocks ahead one hour. So when we wake up tomorrow at 7, our bodies will think it’s 6. And while the good news is that we get an extra hour of daylight, the bad news, especially for parents of young kids, is that our schedules get all fouled up. And as a guy who’s got three 3-year-olds, believe me when I tell you this: our days run better when we stick to our schedule.

Which means the sooner we can get our kids used to the new time, the better. Given that, we’re going with a 5-step plan that we think will work wonders for us.

  • 1. Wear ’em out today: Tomorrow, our kids’ bodies will feel as if it’s an hour earlier than the new time. So if we wear ’em out today, we just might be able to get them down earlier which will get them in synch sooner rather than alter. Oh. And we skipped the nap just for effect.
  • 2. Get ’em down early: We’ve whipped our kids into a frenzy today. As such, I guarantee they’ll be asleep at least 30 minutes before normal.
  • 3. Wake up and muscle through: We’re hoping our kids wake up at their normal time, which is around 6:30. Of course, that the old 5:30, but since they’re going down early, it just might happen. Of course, 5:30 is pretty early for my wife and me, so it’d be awfully tempting to encourage everyone to sleep as late as possible. But that’s a bad plan. No matter what time our little ones are up, we plan on going with the flow. Sure, we may be tired, but we’ll just muscle through.
  • 4. Wear ’em out again: If our kids thought we had a lot of fun (and energy-draining) activities lined up today, just wait til they see what we’ve got on tap for tomorrow. The plan is to run them even harder. And, of course, for them to once again skip their nap.
  • 5. Put them down at the usual time: Once the triplets’ bedtime of 7:00 comes rolling around tomorrow evening, we’re hoping that steps 1 through 4 will have our kids totally adjusted to the new time. If so, putting them down at the normal time should go pretty smoothly.

That’s what we hope, anyway! You know who else has some great tips about Daylight Savings Time? Heather. Only they’re not specifically geared toward getting little ones acclimated. They’re for the entire family. Check out her post by clicking HERE.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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