Deadly Shooting at Virginia Tech — Yes, Another One

virginia tech shooting
Another school shooting at VT today.

A lockdown has been lifted at the Virgina Tech campus, where there was another deadly shooting today. A campus police officer and an unidentified male were killed, and the weapon has been retrieved. According to the LA Times, “University officials have not confirmed that the second person found dead in a parking lot is the gunman, but said that a weapon was found near the body.” Police are still trying to identify the body and it has not been determined if there was a suicide.

The gunman shot and killed the officer during a traffic stop on campus. According to The Washington Post, “The gunman was not the person who was pulled over, state police said at a news conference.” State police, FBI and officers with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives searched the campus for the gunman, the LA Times reports. The Washington Post notes that “There are no classes today at the university, as students have a reading day to prepare for finals, which were to begin Friday. University officials postponed Friday’s exams.”

The 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech is the worst school shooting in the nation’s history, having left 33 dead, including student gunman Seung Hui Cho. Since then, the campus has upgraded to one of the country’s most advanced security systems. Today, “alerts went out by e-mail, text-message, electronic message boards in classrooms and audible alarms on campus within minutes of the gunshots,” The Washington Post reports.

Strangely, Virginia Tech officials were in Washington today to appeal a $55,000 federal penalty from the U.S. Department of Education over the university’s response to the 2007 massacre. What a sad, sad day for everyone in Virginia, and indeed the nation.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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