Moms Enraged Over a Delta Airlines Anti-Breastfeeding Tweet

On Friday afternoon, mother Lindsay Jaynes of Newport Beach, CA (a “child of God, wife & mama, music obsessed, tech geek, nature gal, digital + film photography student, food lover, fan of all things vintage” according to her Twitter profile) tweeted a simple question to Delta Airlines Assist. She asked, “What’s your breast feeding policy? I’ll be flying with my 10wk old son and he won’t nurse with a cover or take a bottle. Thanks.”

I would usually give a play-by-play but it might be easier if you just see the conversation. It went like this:



Yeah, that happened. Seriously, you would think that Delta would have learned.

Back in 2012, they were taken to court for trying to make a breastfeeding mother cover up, and then kicking her off the plane (Delta settled with the mom for an undisclosed amount).

Delta should know better. But there it is, their social media representative –going by the initials “SD” –apparently didn’t get the memo: “Don’t mess with moms!”

After this particular issue went OFF on Twitter, with thousands of moms (and dads) up in arms about what happened to Lindsay, Delta apologized…sort of.  One who got into the fray was aptly named The Leaky Boob. Delta responded to her call of action saying:

delta 3

with Delta Assist adding:

delta 2

As a mother who has openly breastfed on flights, the only way I was able to keep my baby calm and nourished, I am totally appalled by Delta’s initial response. Their error in internet judgement alienated moms, made some openly opt for other airlines, and made bloggers like me get on our soapboxes about their social media FAIL.

Do you think we should all be upset a Delta agent made this mistake or see it as just a simple error in judgement?

Photo Source: Twitter/ Classic Hippie


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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