Decoding Teen Speak: What Are Your Kids Saying? (Video)

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Do you know what your kids are saying?

How hard is it to understand teen speak?

The Today show recently had a discussion about how to decode what teenagers are saying “these days” (to sound like a complete oldie), and found that every generation seems to have their own lingo.

Examples included:

Bounce – Let’s leave now.
Totes Mcgoats – Certainly, will do.
Word – Absolutely, you bet!
Chillin – Spending time together.
Mackin on the biddies – Courting young ladies.
IDK – I don’t know.
LOL – Laughing out loud.

Looking to translate what your teenager is saying?

Teen slang comes from hip hop, Maxim’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Levy explains, adding, “They need their own language. They need to create their own power any way they can.”

Do parents really need to understand this slang? Today contributor Lola Ogunnaike said for the most part parents don’t need to know, except if it’s a dangerous online situation.

Most of it’s harmless and allows kids to distance themselves from their parents.

Technology drives some of the way teens talk because Twitter and text messaging demands short posts, emoticons, and shortened acronyms.

Matt Lauer believes teen speak is a good thing, but he worries that it replaces “speaking properly.”

Should parents use the slang and lingo their kids are using? Uh… no. It’s agreed in the piece that it’s okay to look it up online to figure out what they’re saying, but actually talking that way could have the potential to embarrass your kids.

But what if I like embarrassing my kids?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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