Ohio Woman Sprays Police with Her Breast Milk: Is This Assault?


Women Sprayed Police with Breast Milk

This must have come as a pretty big surprise to a pair of sheriff deputies in Westerville, Ohio.  When confronting a woman about a domestic dispute over the weekend, the officers were sprayed with her breast milk. Yup, this lactating lady whipped out her boob and shot her milk at the police.  What happened and was she charged?

Apparently the police were called early on Saturday morning after a allegedly drunken Stephanie Robinette hit her husband and then locked herself in her car. The police attempted to speak to her but she opted to not cooperate. When they tried to pull her out of the car she declared that she was a breast-feeding mom, pulled out a boob and then sprayed them with her breast milk. And yup, she was arrested…and charged with domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Now, it isn’t clear if the assault charge stems from the domestic violence or from spraying the police. But there will no-doubt be charges with dousing the authorities with her breast milk that just seems really cross the line. One big questions? Why would she do that?

Do you think that she should face some special consequences for doing such an usual thing to the police?

Photo: Delaware County Sheriff’s Office

Definitely up there with our collection of Biggest Parenting Scandals!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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