Dentists Say It's Okay to Pig Out on Halloween Candy?

Halloween candy
Halloween candy - binge or ration?

If you’re knee deep in Halloween candy and are trying your best to keep your kids from over-eating, check this out. Dentists say it’s actually okay for your kids to binge on Halloween candy.

How often do you get a dentist’s recommendation to gorge on candy?

Here’s the scoop. Dentists are noting that, if your kids must eat through their candy sooner than later, their teeth are actually better off by getting most of the candy eaten and done with.

Spacing candy consumption throughout the day over many days actually can cause cavities because your teeth are exposed to acid that corrodes teeth. Eating your bulk of candy all at once allows saliva to neutralize the acid.

Of course, if your kids have more candy than you’d like them to eat at one sitting, I don’t blame you for trying to ration just a bit.

After all, this only tells the dental perspective of eating Halloween candy — it doesn’t begin to address how nutritionally void sweets impact the body.

There is, however, another case for letting kids chow on their Halloween candy from the get-go: they eventually (maybe it’s just my kids?) get sick of eating so much candy!

Most years, we’re left with a lot of candy that never gets eaten. Or … okay … maybe mom and dad help out just a little bit.

Read more about what dentists have to say about Halloween candy consumption.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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