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Desperate Search For Two Iowa Girls Missing Since Friday (Video)

Police, family and volunteers in Iowa are desperately searching for two little girls who haven’t been seen for three days.

As Yahoo reports, 10-Year-Lyric Cook and her younger cousin, 8-year-old Elizabeth Collins were last seen riding their bikes around downtown Evansdale Friday afternoon.

A full day of searching Sunday with as many as 1,000 volunteers turned up nothing.

The girls, whose mothers are sisters, apparently took off on their bikes from Cook’s grandmother’s home around noon and were reported missing about three hours later.  As reported on local news station KCRG, later that day police found the girls’ bikes and a purse and a cell phone belonging to one of them on a trail of a nearby lake. The lake has been searched and volunteers combed the woods but haven’t turned up anything.

The girls’ grandmother fears the worst.

“Whoever has them, just turn them in, let them loose anywhere so they can call me,” Wylma Cook said. “Lyric knows my cell phone, she knows my house phone.

Tammy Brousseau, Cook’s aunt, says she taught her niece about stranger danger.

“…Drop to the ground, kick, bite, scream, do everything you can,” Tammy Brousseau said.

Investigators working the case say that, so far, there is no evidence of an abduction and there is no reason for the girls to have left home.

Rick Abben, chief deputy for the Black Hawk Sheriff’s Office, tells KCRG conversations with both family and friends have turned up no family issues at all. “There’s nothing to indicate problems with custodial issues. We’ve talked with the parents and they’ve been cooperative with us”.

The search for the two girls has resumed today, Monday. The mothers of both girls tell USA Today they’re trying to stay strong:

“Today I’m feeling pretty good,” Misty Cook-Morrissey (Lyric’s mom) said Sunday. “Sometimes, when you think about it, you wonder if they’re dead somewhere, but you try to push those thoughts out of your mind…It’s been good talking to people,” she said. “It keeps your mind off of what’s happening.”

Misty’s sister and mom to Elizabaeth, Heather Collins, says it’s rare for her daughter to venture too far from home, but she may have been persuaded by her older cousin.

“We’ve talked about that before,” Collins said “We’ve told them they’re too young to go far.”

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