Did NickMom Rip Off Bloggers?

Today a post from Amy Lupold Bair best known as @ResourcefulMom and the reigning queen of Twitter parties caught my eye. She’d uncovered the fact that the new site NickMom, which claims to be a new humor site just for moms, is actually stepping all over the toes of Kelby Carr  (best known as Typeamom) and in one case, even going so far to rip off the creative work of the dudes behind How To Be A Dad (both of whom write for Babble).

This is not good.

In Kelby’s case, NickMom created a pinboard called “Guide to Your Fellow Facebook Moms” by creating a bunch of fake “profiles”, including one called the Type A Mom. Admittedly, the idea of a person being “type-a” isn’t exactly copyrightable, but considering they claim to “love” mom bloggers you’d think they might have heard of the woman who built a brand on “Type-A Mom” including a website and successful blogging conference. In NickMom’s defense, however, Kelby has worked to move her brand toward the idea of the Type-A Parent to include dad bloggers, but she still uses @Typeamom on Twitter.

In the case of How To Be A Dad, the copyright violation is much more blatant.

As Amy pointed out in her post, this image originally appeared on How To Be A Dad on November 15th, 2011:

But on NickMom, they posted this:

Image Credit:


Okay, so that is clearly a rip off. Not cool, NickMom.

When confronted about this by multiple people through various social media outlets, NickMom issued a few apology tweets to the guys at How to Be a Dad:



But they were far less sincere in their apology to Kelby.


Ultimately, of course, this isn’t really a NickMom issue it’s an internet issue (admittedly, this particular example by NickMom is pretty egregious). Sites like Fail Blog remove copyright and branding info and slap stuff up on their site all the time (Amy includes a bad example of this behavior in her post). But it would seem that a site like NickMom that is purportedly targeting moms would use a bit more caution. Because right now, many in the parent blogging space are rightly pissed off.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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