Did Sexy Beckham Diaper Ad Go Too Far?

becks-good-nites-adA diaper ad meant to mock a David Beckham Emporio Armani is getting plenty of attention – but it isn’t the type likely to sell overnight training pants for toddlers.

Parents are calling the Good-Nites ad featuring a little boy covered in sweat and perched on a rope as everything from pedophiliac to just plain weird.

As a fan of both David Beckham’s feet and parts, well, farther up the body, let’s just say I find the controversy to be a bit hotter than expected.

The ad comes out of PR group Diamond Ogilvy in South Korea, where the creators say “”Children who are no longer using diapers can wear Good-Nites to prevent bed wetting. We show Good-Nites being worn as fashionable underwear to show children that Good-Nites aren’t diapers.”

Because kids care about fashion. Uh huh.

If that seems like a stretch too far in one direction, then Copyranter’s announcement “Hello pedophile,” just sends us ping-ponging to the other side.

They do realize kids wear diapers without clothing on all the time? In public? In ads? In fact, it’s sort of hard to show off a diaper in an ad if a child is dressed.

We’re thinking this is much ado about nothing, but there’s one good thing it’s done for moms and gay dads – given us another look at Beckham – since Armani replaced him with a younger model last year.

Image: Heatworld

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