Did You Make a Leap List Before Having Your Baby?

Did You Make a Leap List?

Have you ever heard of a “Leap List?” Yeah, me neither. That is until I heard the term mentioned in a recent Honda ad.

The scenario was this. A couple in their mid to late twenties are walking down the street when the girl blurts out, “I think I want a baby.” His mind reels, thinking of all the things he wants to do first before they take such a big step. He wants to go see the Northern Lights in Alaska. He wants to go spelunking. He wants to build a contestant for robot wars.  But he concedes to her suggestion with the condition that they “need to do a few things first.” items on their “leap list.”

Now, this is no Bucket List…the famed list that consists of big things that could take a lifetime to arrange, do or get a chance to experience like attending the Oscars, meet Oprah or take a ride in a rocket ship. The “Leap List,” apparently, is a less hefty version of that… of things one wants to accomplish and do before a significant life change, like having a baby. Things that are a bit more attainable.

The commercial made me ponder the question, did I make a “Leap List” before I had my daughter? The answer yes.  We didn’t call it the market-ably simple “Leap List.” It was more “Things we want to do while we can.” The big thing for my husband and I? Go to Italy. Just us two. And we did. And it was great. Soon after we felt more ready to take that next step, that leap. There were a couple other things on our “list” but Italy, that was the biggie.

Did you have a “leap list,” before you had your baby? If so, what was on yours?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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