DILF? Are Babywearing Dad's Hot… Or Not?

My sweet husband and our daughter Violet on one of their walks.

My husband and I have this running joke about him walking around with our daughter in the Bjorn. Specifically, the fact that women are constantly ogling. Seriously.

He’d start strapping Violet to his chest for one of their walks and tell me “I’m off to pick up chicks now!”

“Okay!  Be home before dinner!” I’d respond.

The ladies love him.  The ladies have always loved him, he spent a decade in a band with a guitar strapped to his chest.  I daresay that’s how he suckered me in.  But exchange that guitar for a baby and the ladies go crazier than they ever did when he was on stage.   I’m talking, double-takes, sidling up to him and asking how old his daughter is, the whole nine yards.

I don’t blame them. I think dudes wearing babies are way hot. Okay, I mean, you couldn’t like, put a Bjorn or a sling on, oh, say Nosferatu and the ladies automatically swoon. But there’s something about a guy who isn’t ashamed to babywear that gets me a little hot and bothered.

Most of the women I talked to agree.

Amber Bomia says it’s a no-brainer. “How is this a debate? Everyone knows men with kids are chick magnets…maybe we are thinking, “If they’ll impregnate one, they’ll impregnate us all?'”

Sarah Bouchard concurs and apparently, so does her husband.  “Very hot. My husband isn’t quite sure if he is ready to have a baby yet, but he is oh so very sure that he wants to wear it, when it does arrive.”

“HOT, HOT, HOT!”  Says Kim Austin.

But some women just can’t deal.  While talking DILFs over at Mommyish, writer Koa Beck says her editor thinks dads with baby carriers are on par with a cold shower.  “Our editor in chief Shawna, a self-identified feminist, said that the visual was an instant turn off even though the doting nature kept with the DILF criteria.”

But Shawna seems to be in the minority. The fact is backed up by a Mommyish poll that shows 67% of voters think babywearing dads are hot, compared to 33% who said “not”.

So dads, look at it this way.  Sure you’re covered in poop and puke more than you ever thought you would be, but all it takes to get that much-needed ego boost to chase away the new baby blues: strap on baby and take a walk.  You’ll be feeling sexy in no time.

And hey. It’s not just all about sex appeal. It’s doing your baby good. According to Infants & Toddlers, a father who wears his baby is going to present a completely different view point to the baby than the mother will give and provides baby a chance to view things from his father’s perspective, listening to the way his father interacts with others and goes about a given task:

Fathers who are willing to give baby wearing a try can not only bond faster with their baby, while providing the baby with a view from their perspective, they can also help keep mothers of high needs babies from burnout. Fathers who feel unprepared to help with a fussy, clingy or high needs baby may discover that wearing the baby may help calm the baby down.

According to Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block (Bantam, 2002) the vibration from a father’s Adams apple can help calm a baby. A father who wears or carries a fussy baby close to his chest and neck, and hums or sings to the baby can often calm the baby down quickly. This then allows mothers to have a break from the constant care of a high needs baby, and helps engage the father in the baby’s care.

I don’t care what anyone says.  There is nothing sexier than a dude, specifically my dude, sporting a baby.  I mean, c’mon!  How can you not want to jump this guy’s bones?

The swinging, pink binky is the icing on this beefcake.

What about you guys?  Do dads look dorky when they babywear or do you agree with most of the women I talked to and think guys geared up with baby are hot?

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