Dirty Rotten Flowers: Perfect for the One You Loathe

DRFSo you just got your heart broken and you’re not over it. You don’t want them back but you can’t stand the idea of them celebrating Valentine’s Day without you on their mind. You’re always the bigger person but for one day you don’t want to be. What do you do? You send flowers. Rotten ones. Dirty and rotten ones. Because nothing says I loathe you like a bouquet of dead flowers.

Thanks to Dirty Rotten Flowers you can give your ex or forgetful spouse one dozen “decapitated roses” or “twisted red carnations” and a “deconstructed teddy bear.” Or, add a little (dark) humor to your friend’s day. You see, you don’t have to save rotten flowers for someone you don’t like. Based on the testimonials they also work great for the people you do like and love.

There’s no limit to who you can give the gift of flowers to this Valentine’s Day. Take a look at a few testimonials from their website:

“My boss passed me over for my well-deserved promotion and although I found a better job elsewhere, I wanted him to know that I’m worth it and sent the signature bouquet…he does have a sense of humor.”
– Laura, 37, marketing executive

“I ordered the Still Alive bouquet after I forgot my wedding anniversary…it seemed like a great way to apologize to my wife and it worked!”
– Steven, 35, mortgage broker

“I sent the Still Alive bouquet to five of my closest friends after a health scare. They were really happy to get them.”
– Winston, 31, yoga instructor

“When my future daughter-in-law conveniently uninvited me to my son’s birthday event, I sent her Dirty Rotten Flowers. She’s not speaking to me…exactly what I hoped for…Thank you DRF.”
– Catherine, 65, wife and mother

Forgo a mean text message or email. Instead of saying it with words, say it with flowers. Dirty rotten flowers. Visit their website here.

What do you think? Would you give the gift of rotten flowers?

Photo Source: Dirty Rotten Flowers

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