Disney Banning Actresses with Fake Boobs from Movies

As a parent, there is much you must keep an eye on when it comes to what you’re kids are watching. Is it violent, foul, teach awful lessons? Does it resemble an acid trip starring Anthony Bourdain? Well here’s one less thing you’ll need to guard your children from: big fake boobs.

In casting the next in its Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney has requested casting directors only send actresses with, “real breasts. Do not submit if you have implants.”

The filmmakers have warned there will be a “show and tell” day in which they will ferret out any enhanced performers. In other words, Disney’s conducting a boob test.

Thank god someone is finally thinking about the children…and their exposure to plastic surgery.

Some industry insiders believe the edict may have something to do with changing cultural attitudes and the fact “the audience can spot false breasts.” Yeah, fake boobs would really destroy the realism of a supernatural pirate movie about a quest to find the fountain of youth starring Johnny Depp as a mascara-drenched transvestite. It’s about the purity of the art, you know?

No word yet whether Disney is willing to see male actors with penile enhancements.

Source: Time Online

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