Disney Launches 'Spoonful', Offering Daily Suggestions for Fun and Easy Crafts and Meals

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Spoonful has craft ideas you'll actually want to try.

I’ll admit, I generally loathe magazines or sites that offer meal and craft suggestions meant for families. For someone like me, who is strapped for time and culinarily challenged, those types of suggestions all seem impossible for me to actually realize in my own home. But I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked around Disney’s latest web endeavor, Spoonful, which gives readers “a daily dose of delight.” (Note: Babble is part of the Disney Online family.) The site’s name is inspired, of course, by Mary Poppins’ famous advice about what helps the medicine go down. And the bite-sized suggestions, presented in a daily calendar format, really are palatable. On the main page, for each day, there are three helpful links to stories about things like playdate ideas, a new afterschool snack you might want to try, or a healthy dinner you could make. There are also some totally for real do-able craft ideas, the kind I might actually try with my daughter on a Saturday, such as:

  • Fluffy Flip-flops 1 of 5
    Fluffy Flip-flops
    I love a craft that is actually practical and not just going to create more junk that has to lay around the house. These look so easy to make and are totally cute on, obvs.
    Visit Spoonful for the instructions.
  • Trailtote 2 of 5
    I saw this one and immediately thought of my daughter, who loves to collect random bits of nature, and I never know where to put them. This egg crate tote is a perfect idea.
    Visit Spoonful for the instructions.
  • Painting in the Rain 3 of 5
    Painting in the Rain
    My daughter and I did something like this inadvertently the other night: we drew with sidewalk chalk before a rainstorm and afterwards some of the pictures looked even better. Use a lot of colors together like in this example, so the rain smears your "painting" like pastels. Think sunsets.
    Visit Spoonful for the instructions.
  • Bead Babies 4 of 5
    Bead Babies
    These are so cute and look like they'd be easy for young children to make. Great as a decoration for a baby shower, too.
    Visit Spoonful for the instructions.
  • Beaded Spiderweb 5 of 5
    Beaded Spiderweb
    Love this! You make it - and then it lives outside! #noclutter
    Visit Spoonful for the instructions.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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