Disney Pets of the Month Club Photos: April Edition

Welcome to Disney Pets of the Month Club, where each month we feature adorable pets doing Disney things. Whether they like to wear their Mickey Mouse Ears, or have actually been inside of Disneyland Park before. (Some actually have a favorite ride.) A few even sport a Hidden Mickey somewhere on them. These dogs, cats, birds are more than just your average pet. They are Disney Pets and we want to celebrate them in our photo gallery! Check out the ‘Magical Pets’ from the last month.

Think your “Best Friend” has what it takes to be featured on our Disney Pets of the Month Club? Tag your Instagram photos with #DisneyPets & we’ll check them out! Or if you find a cute photo that you think we should see? Mention us on Instagram @disneysisters!


  • Disney Pets of the Month Club – April 2013 1 of 19
    Disney Pets of the Month Club - April 2013
    Welcome to the April Edition of Disney Pets of the Month with Disney Sisters! We've found some more of the most magical pets on the internet!
  • Meet Cali 2 of 19
    Meet Cali
    "The dog, Cali, is my niece. She's a boxer rescue from Florida who was near death that my sister adopted. She gained a boxer brother (Kobe), a loving family, her health back & is now one of the happiest dogs i know! Even wearing Minnie ears doesn't seem to bother this happy pup much. The charming 3 year old in the picture is my daughter, Audrey. We have season passes & love to share the Disney joy with our family." Photo by @teaniebean
  • Meet Zero 3 of 19
    Meet Zero
    "Zero makes a great Disney pet because he is a therapy/service dog. He goes into Disneyland with his mouse ears and helps brighten up the day of all people in the park not just the special needs children." Photo by @MattyAddams
  • Meet Jeter 4 of 19
    Meet Jeter
    Who says you can't be stylish while you snooze? This cute dog is taking a cat nap in mouse ears... Try saying that three times fast. Photo by @ekbart09
  • Meet Annie Red Red 5 of 19
    Meet Annie Red Red
    "She's a 2 year old Chihuahua who loves sleeping, eating mac and cheese, watching The Bachelor and Disney movies. She sleeps with her Winnie The Pooh." Photo by @heydisney79
  • Meet Edgar 6 of 19
    Meet Edgar
    "Edgar makes a great Disney pet because he is such a character. For only being a dog, he has a unique personality like a little person." Photo by @destinirae92
  • Meet Datsyuk 7 of 19
    Meet Datsyuk
    "Datsyuk is proud to be a Disney dog! He's grown up in a home surrounded by all things Disney and loves getting the chance to show off his style with a fun pair of Mickey Ears!" Photo by @PBandJDisney
  • Meet Junie 8 of 19
    Meet Junie
    This is a very special dog to us. Junie belongs to one of the Disney Sisters... Tracey! Photo by @icstuff
  • Meet Em 9 of 19
    Meet Em
    "Em has been exposed to all things Disney ever since she was adopted at the tender age of 1 years old so naturally she LOVES everything Disney! Her favorite Disney movies are The Aristocats and The Little Mermaid ~ she especially loves dancing and singing along to "Les Poissons." Em is super thankful that Disney has finally made kitty sized earhats - now she can match her mommy and sport the cutest hat in the world!" Photo by @linzinator
  • Meet Zero 10 of 19
    Meet Zero
    "My dog Zero loves all things Disney. He was named after the fun loving ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas!" Photo by @crajeekim
  • Meet Ami Christopher James 11 of 19
    Meet Ami Christopher James
    "Ami is a full bred miniature dachshund. He is 9 months old and was bought after me and my girlfriend Diana graduated from college. We went to Disneyland and bought him the Disney hats and turns out they for perfectly on him. Ami is named after a local sushi restaurant me and my girlfriend eat and also the tattoo artist of Ami James. Ami is a great companion and loves to run, do tricks for treats and to dog in sand on the beach!" Photo by @oneandonlyjv
  • Meet Mojo 12 of 19
    Meet Mojo
    "She's 11 years old and we both love disney! I only discovered the hidden Mickey on the bottom of her paw a few months ago but I always knew there was something extra special about her!!" Photo by @megzhaych
  • Meet Oscar 13 of 19
    Meet Oscar
    "Oscar is a 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer with a big personality...Earning his Mickey Ears was a big day for him! Serious face and chest out - He definitely wears his Mickey Ears with Pride." Photo by @andimlo
  • Meet Nietzsche 14 of 19
    Meet Nietzsche
    "Here is my service dog, Nietzsche meeting Pluto. She has been to Disneyland about 4 times now and her favorite ride is Pirates of the Carribean." Photo by @squeakz5
  • Meet Saint 15 of 19
    Meet Saint
    This adorable dog won our hearts and a place in the Disney Pets of the Month Club. Hey I think we have the same ears... Photo by @emhojnowski
  • Meet Gus Gus 16 of 19
    Meet Gus Gus
    This Disney Dog wants to shake, how polite. He knows that being a Disney Pet is the best way to be. Photo by @Balbina29
  • Meet Rocko 17 of 19
    Meet Rocko
    "Rocko was born into a family of Disney lovers. He enjoys wearing his Mickey ears, even though he doesn't look too thrilled in his photo." Photo by @rockos_amazing_life
  • Meet Nina 18 of 19
    Meet Nina
    "Nina was posing with our daughter's Minnie Mouse ears and graduation cap. She is a 10 year old Siberian Husky." Photo by @wendyaz07
  • Meet Deuce 19 of 19
    Meet Deuce
    This pup is proud to wear it's ears, for the world to see. A true Mouseketeer! Photo by @310woody64



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