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If you think that humans are the only Disney fans, well guess again. We’ve found some four-legged fans that are all dressed-up and more than happy to show off their ears…their Mickey Mouse ears! Here are some of the most magical pets on the Internet. Some have hidden Mickeys on their bellies. Some even have Disney names. Awwww! But all of them are adorable and not afraid to show off their love for the Mouse. They are guaranteed to make you smile and fill your heart with warm fuzzies furries.

Does your “Best Friend” have what it takes to be featured on Disney Pets of the Month Club? We invite each and every member of the “Animal Kingdom” (pun intended) to tag your Instagram photos with the hashtag #DisneyPets and we’ll be sure to check them out. They may be the next Disney Pet of the Month. It’ll be WILD!


  • Disney Pets of the Month Club 1 of 14
    Disney Pets of the Month Club
    Welcome to the February Edition of Disney Pets of the Month with Disney Sisters We've found some of the most magical pets on the internet!
  • Meet Ciabatta 2 of 14
    Meet Ciabatta
    Pet Owner: Angie (CA) @BabyVTec "Cia really wants to go to Disneyland. She loves each of the ears we bring home directly from the parks, since they bring her that much closer to all the magic."
  • Meet Nala 3 of 14
    Meet Nala
    Pet Owner: Whitney (CA) @WhitneyRaee Named after Nala, from The Lion King this dog makes the perfect Disney Pet and she's got the name and the ears to prove it!
  • Meet Frank 4 of 14
    Meet Frank
    Pet Owner: Heather (UT) @he_ather "My dog's name is Frank. He was very sad to leave Disneyland as you can tell in this picture. He wants to marry Minnie."
  • Meet Stormy Sue 5 of 14
    Meet Stormy Sue
    Pet Owner: Courtney (TX) @courtneylm20 "Stormy Sue makes an adorable Disney pet because she is an extremely fun puppy and in very Disney movie, you can always find an adorable doggy!"
  • Meet Diva 6 of 14
    Meet Diva
    Pet Owner: Christine (Canada) @christine_l "Diva makes the perfect Disney pet because she loves to dress up and be the center of attention... especially if it means replacing her ears with Mickey's!"
  • Meet Koda 7 of 14
    Meet Koda
    Pet Owner: Mercy (Honduras) @mj_avrodz "Koda is a siberian husky, almost 3 years old... She is a very playful and sweet girl! Minnie ears make her feel full of joy and help to bring out her inner puppy; she loves being photographed with them and even smiles to the camera! A proud Disney Pet!"
  • Meet Mikey 8 of 14
    Meet Mikey
    Pet Owner: Marie (AZ) @mariek2010 "Mikey makes a great Disney Pet because he is amazing with my 17 month old son, he is so loving to people and puts a smile on everyone he meets. He is certainly a character and loves to talk up a storm he can hold a conversation for awhile; he has a lot to say and wants everyone to hear it."
  • Meet ‘Truely’ Scrumptious 9 of 14
    Meet 'Truely' Scrumptious
    Pet Owners: Rob (UK) @bigsy AND Ally (UK) @happya29 Can you find the Hidden Mickey? "Truely is a magical dog who embraces the essence of a Disney Pet, she just loves to roll on her back for lots of tickles (especially on her Hidden Mickey) She eats from her disney bowl and Disneyland Paris place mat. After a long walk she loves nothing better than curling up with our daughter to watch Disney Channels 'Dog with a Blog."
  • Meet Snoopy Trevor McGee 10 of 14
    Meet Snoopy Trevor McGee
    Pet Owner: Danny (CA) @Element2729 "I actually bought the Miniature Mickey ears a while back and they had been collecting dust on a shelf, while dusting the shelf I decided to grab Snoopy and put the ears on him real quick, he laid there nice and still while I snapped the picture. (He's a little bit of an attention hog)"
  • Meet Muffin 11 of 14
    Meet Muffin
    Pet Owner: Emily (CA) @emmykatherine Can you find the Hidden Mickey? "Muffin is a cat full of personality and she's also the fattest cat out of the five I own. She follows you around and is full of affection so it's only fitting she has the Mickey ears right on her side because she could be a Disney side kick anyday"
  • Meet Sterling 12 of 14
    Meet Sterling
    Pet Owner: Annabelle (CA) @ladywiller "Sterling is an oversized baby whom loves to be dressed up. All 85lbs of him patiently waits for for our 7 year old daughter to dress him up on a regular basis. Sometimes adorn with a skirt, crown, or rabbit ears but always looking his best with him Mouse ears and veil on."
  • Meet Angel 13 of 14
    Meet Angel
    Pet Owner: Jennifer (CA) @jennifernfreitas "Ever since I was a kid, I grew up with Disney all my life. When we got our dog Angel, she reminded me the sweetness of Disney characters have. The reason why my dog Angel makes a great Disney pet is because she is loving and very sweet. Since Minnie Mouse is one of my favorite Disney characters, I had to put my sparkly Minnie ears on her and they suits her so well!"
  • Do you have a Disney Pet? 14 of 14
    Do you have a Disney Pet?
    Want to see your dog, cat, bird, fish, etc. inducted into Disney Pets of the Month Club? Tag your Instagram photos with #DisneyPets


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