Amazing Disney Prince Magazine Covers (Photos)

Disney Prince magazine cover photos
Disney Prince magazine cover photos

I. Am. Smitten. Check out these a-mahzing Disney Prince magazine covers from the Petite Tiaras Tumblr.

If you recall, Petite Tiaras did a series of Disney Princess magazine covers awhile back (check them out they’re divine!) and the male counterparts don’t disappoint.

All of your favorite Disney Princes are on hand, representing their fine images on some of the most popular men’s magazines around.

As with the princesses, Petite Tiaras has captured personality and plot points in the article headlines that grace each cover.

Some of my favorites include:

Flynn Rider cover – “They Finally Got His Nose Right!”
Prince Naveen cover – “The Shadow Man: How To Avoid His Tricks”
Aladdin cover – “Why Magic Carpet Rides Are the Perfect Romantic Date”
Prince Eric cover – “Eric’s Story of Survival Out At Sea”

Personally, I’m a sucker for Flynn Rider… who’s your favorite Disney prince?

  • Flynn Rider on Nylon Guys 1 of 11
    Flynn Rider on Nylon Guys
    "Last Minute Date Options: Floating Lanterns, Book Shop, Kingdom Dance, Cupcake Getaways"
  • Prince Naveen on Best Life 2 of 11
    Prince Naveen on Best Life
    "De Fragee Pruto Discusses His Brand New Life with Tiana"
  • Li Shang on Men’s Health 3 of 11
    Li Shang on Men's Health
    "Li Shang: Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon"
  • Hercules on Men’s Fitness 4 of 11
    Hercules on Men's Fitness
    "Phil's Boy Hercules Chiseled Like a Greek God"
  • John Smith on Details 5 of 11
    John Smith on Details
    "John Smith: Discovers a New World and Makes Friends with the Chief. Beat That!"
  • Prince Ali on Time Magazine 6 of 11
    Prince Ali on Time Magazine
    "Meet Agrabah's Newest Royal Prince Ali: A Life of Luxury Awaits This Former Street Rat"
  • Beast on National Geographic 7 of 11
    Beast on National Geographic
    "Man or Beast?"
  • Prince Eric on Men’s Journal 8 of 11
    Prince Eric on Men's Journal
    "Prince Eric Finds the Girl of His Dreams & Lives to Tell the Tale"
  • Prince Philip on Esquire 9 of 11
    Prince Philip on Esquire
    "The Fun Never Stops with Prince Philip"
  • Prince Charming on GQ 10 of 11
    Prince Charming on GQ
    "The Man of the Century: Prince Charming"
  • Prince Ferdinand on Men’s Vogue 11 of 11
    Prince Ferdinand on Men's Vogue
    "10 Things You Never Knew About Prince Ferdinand"

Photo source: Petite Tiaras Tumblr

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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