Disney Villain Resumes Prove Even Evildoers Suffer When the Economy Tanks

Disney Villains
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You know times are tough when even the bad guys can’t make a living. Sure, maybe the housing market is rebounding and unemployment figures are trending down, but some people still aren’t back on their feet. That includes people who make their living off the people wearing glass slippers on their feet — or the people with no feet but a mermaid tail instead.

Yep, the Disney villains are suffering right now. How else do you explain the surge of villain resumes that are creeping onto the desks of human resources department everywhere? Surely corporations are in need of workers with extensive experience in “backstabbing, sarcasm, productivity and profitability” (Jafar), or “shapeshifting, talking to animals, unpleasantness and public speaking” (Maleficent), or “pirate-ship captaining, map-reading and plotting” (Captain Hook).

After all, those are skills that are useful — or at least used — in most offices. And a least these guys are upfront about it, and honesty should be rewarded in the job-seeking process, no?

Take a look at Ursula’s resume and see who wouldn’t want to hire her (besides, you know, Ariel and King Triton):


Ursula resume
Why hire a little mermaid when you can have a giant seahag?


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