Disney’s Little Helpers: Characters We Wish We Had to Help Us

There comes a time in our lives in which we all need a little help: whether it be for our children and their insane schedules, dinner preparation, caring for a loved one, or someone to just help out when things get a little crazy.  For the first time in my blogging career, I really needed help this past week while attending Disney Social Media Moms in Florida. I mostly needed help with the kids and their drop off/pick up times for school.  My high school son is being  homeschooled, but still requires to attend his school twice a week, which conflicts with the pick up time for my daughter.  My husband stepped up to the plate and beautifully coordinated and executed the kids’ schedule while I was gone.  I was relieved.

In the process of my leaving for 5 days, I needed to make sure I left the house in order with prepared meals for my family. I needed to make sure laundry is done and school clothes are ready for my kids.  The day before I left, I was more exhausted than I had been the whole time I was actually gone!

It was during this time, that I wished for a nanny, a chef or a genie to grant me 3 wishes for some help.  Hey, a girl can dream right?

However, in the world of Disney, this could have happened! Check out these Disney characters who magically appeared and gave their help when needed most.

Ol’ Toodles!!!

  • Need some help? 1 of 21
    helping hands

    Call on these characters who are always willing to lend a helping hand!

  • Rapunzel’s Healing Hair 2 of 21
    rapunzel's hair

    Kids got an owie?  No problem! Rapunzel's hair has magical healing powers that will surly help whenever the kids get a scraped knee or any broken bones.  Just remember the magic words: Flower, gleam and glow...

  • Mary Poppins 3 of 21
    mary poppins

    Having help with the children is wonderful when the nanny has super magical powers, don't you think? Mary Poppins takes her kids on magical trips that involve horse racing, penguins and dancing on rooftops!

  • Fairy Godmother’s Ingenuity in Cinderella 4 of 21
    cindy, carriage

    Need a fancy ride?  Let's Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo your pumpkin into an awesome carriage or a cucumber into a stretch limo!  How neat would that be?

  • Make Ourselves Invisible like Violet from The Incredibles 5 of 21
    incred bro and sis

    Oh, to have some super powers. As a mom with three kids, there are times I wish I could make myself invisible, just so I can check up on the kids without them seeing me.  Violet's kids are in for a tough time whenever she has them!  No pulling the wool over her eyes!

  • Remy from Ratatouille 6 of 21
    ratato, chef

    This is one that should be at the top of everyone's list! A chef to help you cook (or do all the cooking) when you just can't seem to make it into the kitchen to whip up a meal. I mean, if we can look past the fact that a rat is the one who does the cooking. Ha!

  • Fairy Godmother from Cinderella 7 of 21

    Do you have a godmother in real life?  I do!  My aunt is my godmother and I love her to death.  She isn't a fairy godmother, but she has showered me with more love that I can ever image. Everyone should have that special someone in their life.

  • 3 Fairy Godmothers from Sleeping Beauty 8 of 21
    sleeping b, dress

    Yes!  Why not have three fairy godmothers?  Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are best when needed for sewing or baking a cake!  They did a wonderful job when trying to prepare for Princess Aurora's birthday! Well, sort of!

  • A Talking Dog like Dug from Up 9 of 21

    For those of you with "furry" children, how neat would it be if they could talk?  Fifi or Fido would be able to tell you when they need to go for a walk or when their hungry!  This would be a huge help, don't you think?

  • Catering Co. by Tiana from Princess and the Frog 10 of 21

    Need a caterer for your fiesta? Wouldn't it be awesome if  Tiana were to cater your party with beignets, swamp water smoothies and banana French toast. Sounds delish!  Where can we book her?

  • Pixie Dust from Disney’s Fairies 11 of 21

    No matter who you are, or where you've been, we all need some pixie dust now and then.  These fairies are always looking out for each other.  I think we can all learn a thing or two from them! Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

  • Wishes from Aladdin’s genie 12 of 21

    Right now, I wish I had the laundry done, the car fixed and my 2nd refill of coffee in my favorite cup. POOF! If Genie was able to grant Aladdin his wishes, I think my little requests can be easily granted, right?

  • A Tow Truck like Mater from Cars 13 of 21

    A trustworthy tow truck.  The comfort of seeing a tow truck coming to your rescue when you're stuck on the side of the road is so overwhelming. How many of us have gone through this?  *Raises hand* How cool would it be if Mater was real and able to help us whenever we needed him.  Like a good neighbor, Mater is there!!!

  • Ancestral Help like Mulan 14 of 21

    Do you have ancestors in your family that you wish you could call upon for some help? Mulan had the privilege of calling on Mushu for some help.  Mushu then took care of her while she set off on an adventure to bring her family honor. Who would you call upon?

  • Geri the Toy Fixer from Toy Story 2 15 of 21
    old man in toy story

    Have you gone to the rescue of your child's favorite toy?  Whether the toy popped a seam or their attire seems to be missing, I think it would be wonderful we could call a "toy" doctor who can come over and fix the problem. In Toy Story 2, we saw how Geri was able to brink Woody back to *mint* condition. Now, if only he can work on my tattered Minnie Mouse doll from when I was young. Hmmm?

  • Rabbit the Gardener from Winnie the Pooh 16 of 21
    rabit WTP

    There is no other green thumb that I know of than Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh!  He protects his prize-winning garden with lots of pride. Can you picture your veggie garden with plump tomatoes, scrumptious carrots and juicy corn? I think you can! 

  • Fix-it Felix from Wreck it Ralph 17 of 21

    If you are blessed with a handyman of a hubby, Congrats! Sadly, I am not. Fix-it Felix would be a huge help around my home. After all, he can repair buildings after Wreck-It Ralph destroys them.Who wouldn't want a man to come over an fix what needs to be fixed.

  • Pirate Crew from Pirates of the Caribbean 18 of 21

    Are you a leader?  Do you love to hold the reigns of your own crew?  Rowdy as they may be, we could use them to clear out the brush in the backyard.  If these pirates can navigate the Caribbean sea in stormy waters, I think they can handle just about anything!  How about a moving posse? Do you think they would make great movers ?

  • A little help from Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast 19 of 21
    Disney "Beauty & the Beast 3D" Lumiere. ©2011 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

    Have guest coming over for an important dinner?  Lumiere should be your on your list for help. He's great at serving guests and making sure you get the best of everything. He was able to make Belle feel at home when she first came to Beast's castle.  Maybe he can do the same with your guests?

  • Magic Carpet Service from Aladdin 20 of 21
    magic carpet

    If you had the chance to see the world on a magic carpet ride, would you take that chance?  In my humble opinion, magic carpet rides would also be so cool when running late in dropping off the kids at school.  After all, there isn't any traffic in the skies!  Huge help when we need to get somewhere, fast!

  • A Second Loving Mother from Kanga of Winnie the Pooh 21 of 21

    As a mom, have you ever wanted a 2nd pair of motherly hands?  If we didn't have a local helping hand from grandmothers or aunts, Kanga from Winnie the Pooh does a wonderful job in being the mother to Roo and the rest of the crew in the hundred acre woods.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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