Dispatches From the Parent ‘Hood: Top Tweets ‘O’ The Week

“Children are our future. Gross.”

There is a wealth of articles about every aspect of parenting to be found on the internet, including right here on Babble.

And yes, it’s amazing to have access to all this information, to be able to relate to our parenting peers and know that we aren’t alone as we figure out what the hell we’re doing as we try to raise productive human beings.

But sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, well written as it may be, it isn’t a wordy article you need to help get you over the potholes of parenting, it’s 140 characters or less.

Sometimes, all you need is a huge belly laugh. To realize that we’re all in this together, all of us dealing with the same peaks and valleys of parenting.

And the belly laughs, they are there for the having! Twitter is rife with parents like you and me regularly killing it with their parental observations. Nailing the beautiful nightmare that is parenting in just a few words. Words that make me feel better about my own slog through the parenting ‘hood. Poopy underwear, clipping fingernails, waking up with a kid staring menacingly into your eyeball, it’s all here.

Even if it’s just because I shake my fist to the heavens and mutter SO TRUE through huge guffaws, sometimes a single tweet can affect me on a scale much grander than the most intelligently written essay.

In case you aren’t sure where to find the latest and greatest on Twitter, check back here every Monday and I’ll round ’em up for you.

  • I Believe… 1 of 20
    I Believe...
    Teach them well and let them lead the way. Or not.
  • Evil Dad 2 of 20
    Evil Dad
    That's one way to get kids to each their veggies.
  • It’s Funny Because It’s True 3 of 20
    It's Funny Because It's True
    Stupid creaky doors and creaky stairs and creaky carpet and clumsy moms.
  • Ain’t It The Truth? 4 of 20
    Ain't It The Truth?
    Look at me! I'm a GREAT parent dammit!
  • The Look 5 of 20
    The Look
    Do you have an Angry Mom Face that your kid knows means business?
  • So. Much. Poop. 6 of 20
    So. Much. Poop.
    Lotta poop involved with parenting. Lotta poop.
  • She’s 7 of 20
    Is each and every child really beautiful?
  • Just Be Glad No One Is Dead 8 of 20
    Just Be Glad No One Is Dead
    Correct. A smart mother would be grateful the children are still alive.
  • You Need To Calm Down 9 of 20
    You Need To Calm Down
    Talking calmly to my child only exacerbates the tantrum.
  • Count Me In 10 of 20
    Count Me In
    I mean, seriously! When will she be able to bring me a beer from the fridge? Or make a sandwich. I'm still waiting...
  • Love and Marriage 11 of 20
    Love and Marriage
    I llike to throw in a couple relationship/marriage related tweets into the mix because oh my God how do we stay married after having children?
  • Two Words For You: Duct Tape 12 of 20
    Two Words For You: Duct Tape
    Kid can escape the crib? Uh, Heather, DUCT TAPE
  • Great Question! 13 of 20
    Great Question!
    When children graduate from asking why the sky is blue to some of the greater inquiries of life.
  • She Found His Stash 14 of 20
    She Found His Stash
    I think it was the frowny face that did me in.
  • We’re Just Going To The Store 15 of 20
    We're Just Going To The Store
    I am not looking forward to this scenario.
  • The Dark Ages 16 of 20
    The Dark Ages
    Much darker times, indeed.
  • He’s Right! 17 of 20
    He's Right!
  • Someone’s Watching You 18 of 20
    Someone's Watching You
    And it's time to get up!
  • Why So Surprised? 19 of 20
    Why So Surprised?
    Bite me and I'll bite you back!
  • My Food is Condescending 20 of 20
    My Food is Condescending
    It's not me, it's the food! Because I haven't even used the powder and there it sits, mocking me and my healthy notions.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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