Disturbing Object Found In Babys Neck

Disturbing Object Found In Baby's Neck via Babble
The feather began protruding from baby Mya’s neck all on its own.

A suspected case of swollen glands turned out to be a very strange cause of worry for one Kansas family last week.

When Emma and Aaron Whittington noticed that their seven-month-old daughter, Mya seemed to have a bump on the side of her face, they took her to the doctor on Saturday. A quick exam was performed and the doctor sent the family home with a prescription for antibiotics to treat what they thought was a swollen gland.

However, Mya’s face continued to swell. The parents took her back for a follow-up visit and the doctor noticed something sticking through her skin coming out of her neck.

Upon further inspection, doctor decided to pull the thin object out from the baby’s neck and that’s when they discovered it was bird feather:

“They pulled a feather out of my child. How crazy is that?”

Doctors think that the baby either inhaled or swallowed the feather and “the body, being crazy as it is, it just rejected it and started forcing it out,” says Whittington.

Mya is expected to make a full recovery although her neck remains slightly swollen, but should eventually go down. Doctors say the feather had to have been in the baby for  months.

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