DIY Workout: 6 Household Items That Double As Gear

I used to pack up my kids and hit the gym a couple of times a week. It was a 15 minute walk from our house, and we usually went after a rushed dinner so I could take advantage of the childcare hours and catch a yoga class. But when my husband was laid off, the gym membership was the first “unnecessary expense” to be done away with. The good news was that in addition to saving money on the gym membership, I saved a bunch of time not having to trek out the gym and our schedule was a little less hectic.

But even though we were able to eliminate that expense, and we got a little more time in our week, exercise is not “unnecessary” and it’s worth taking some time every day to do. So what’s a mom to do, with no gym to go to and no extra money to go to classes or buy fancy gear?

I channeled my DIY spirit and looked through my house to find everyday objects that I could use to help me stay in shape.

  • Great Gear You Already Have 1 of 7

    Get a great workout at home with things that you can find around your house.

  • Child Step = Aerobic Step 2 of 7

    That step your kid uses to wash his hands in the bathroom doubles as an aerobic step.

  • Weight Jars 3 of 7

    Jars of dry goods can pinch hit for hand weights. Dig through your kitchen to find a few evenly matched jars or cans.

  • A Humble Chair 4 of 7

    Chairs replace bars when doing tricep dips, and are nice to have around in case you need something to hold on to for balance.

  • Is It a Scarf Or Is It A Strap 5 of 7

    No need to buy a yoga strap if you have a scarf around. Use it to help you stretch and hold poses.

  • Personal Card Trainer 6 of 7

    Grab a deck of cards to replace your trainer. Assign each suit an exercise (i.e. hearts = pushups, diamonds = jump squats, clubs = lunges, spades = situps), then flip a card to find out what's next: 7 of diamonds? Gimme 7 jump squats! Work your way through the deck.

  • Yoga Mat Towel 7 of 7

    A towel makes a nice yoga mat and it keeps your floors from getting sweaty when you're on your third set of push-ups. Layer two towels if you need more padding. Then, when you're done, grab it and head to the shower.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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