Do as I Say, Not as I Did: 12 Illustrations of Our Childhoods vs. Our Kids

Crappy pictures
Like this would fly today (not)

A few days ago my sister and I were laughing as we remembered how we used to have a real workbench in our playroom when we were kids. No, it was a real workbench, stocked with saws, hammers, nails and wood. Not the plastic stuff. The real stuff. Not only did we saw real things, we also dissected batteries with hammers (you know, by smashing them as hard as we could until the battery acid sputtered and oozed out).

We were laughing because we managed to avoid death (although not destruction). And we laughed because in a million, zillion years, we would never allow our kids to do the same thing.

In fact, so much of what we did as kids would never, ever fly today. Writer and illustrator Amber Dusick of Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, has summed up then vs. now pretty succinctly in 12 images of what we did as kids that our kids will never do. For better or worse.

Take a look and laugh (but don’t show your kids so they never catch on to what they’re missing):

  • No seat belts 1 of 12
    No seat belts
    Not only did we not wear seat belts, but raise your hand if you, too, ever got to ride backwards and unbuckled in a station wagon?
  • No helmets 2 of 12
    No helmets
    No helmets, riding in traffic, riding against traffic. Check, check, check.
  • No fear 3 of 12
    No fear
    Cars? Crash? Meh.
  • No childproofing 4 of 12
    No childproofing
    Was there such thing as childproofing 30, 40 years ago? Ha.
  • Flying attempts 5 of 12
    Flying attempts
    I'm pretty sure you can get kicked out of most playgrounds for doing this today. But what fun is a swing if both of your knees don't require Bactine and Band-Aids afterwards?
  • Playground Equipment 6 of 12
    Playground Equipment
    And what fun is a seesaw if you can't bang your teetering partner to the ground . . . hard?
  • Like . . . this! 7 of 12
    Like . . . this!
    See? Wasn't that fun? (For at least one of them, anyway.)
  • Sledding 8 of 12
    Sledding without helmets? Not in modern times!
  • Freedom 9 of 12
    Trust me when I say my kids won't know freedom until they're 21. That's because I abused mine a little too much when I was a kid.
  • Kind of like this . . . 10 of 12
    Kind of like this . . .
    . . . Only much, much worse.
  • Roller skates 11 of 12
    Roller skates
    Without helmets. Without knee pads. Without elbow pads. What a concept.
  • Darkness 12 of 12
    Kids. Outside. In the dark. When it's not 4th of July or they're not on a family camping trip? The stuff of legends.

All images courtesy of Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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