Do Cell Phones In Bras Cause Breast Cancer?

cell-phone-in-braThis is not news I wanted to hear. When I had my daughter, I ditched my purse for a diaper bag, and by the time she was out of diapers I loved the freedom of just carrying my car keys and a tiny zip-pouch wallet that was perfect for cards, cash, and a lip gloss.

But that left me with a dilemma once I got my first iPhone; did I go back to carrying a purse, or did I use, well, an alternative space?

Yep, I stuck my phone in my bra. I’ve actually done it for several years now. So you can imagine I wasn’t happy to see a news report that there might be a link between some forms of breast cancer and placing your cell phone in your bra.

Of course, there haven’t been any definitive studies so it’s hard to say if this is something we really need to worry about. But the video below makes me a bit nervous. Guess I’ll be purse shopping soon.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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