Do Kids Really Need Summer Homework?

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Does summer homework drive you crazy?

It’s almost August. While I can’t believe the summer is already half over, I’m also realizing that the great summer homework packs will be due before we know it.  Every child in my son’s school has a summer homework assignment consisting of reading and math. He has a packet of math worksheets and a summer reading list. Luckily, he just has to read and record the books, but quite a few kids have written book reports to hand in that first week in September.

I really wonder how necessary summer homework is, along with vacation homework during school breaks. I never had any growing up. I know teachers say they have to spend some time at the beginning of every school year just brushing up on last year’s work, but wouldn’t they have to do that anyway? When a new class is formed, there is always a mix of minds, new kids, under-performers, and over-achievers. Teachers have to spend some time learning about each student anyway. Has any summer packet made a huge difference in a struggling student?

At best, kids either muddle through a new sheet everyday under strict, organized moms, or they do it all in one shot among more laid back moms. No matter, they still are doing it as quickly as possible for a teacher they don’t know, and for a school-year which seems eons away from their pool and outside summer play.

There are mothers who bribe their kids to do a page a day with money, pool privileges, and outings. I admit I am only now considering having my son begin his work. Honestly, it’s nothing more than busywork. He reads regularly anyway so I don’t really view the reading part of the homework as actual work, and he’s been reading all summer already. It’s something he has always done. The math packets get tiresome, though. They are basically a review of things he’s known for years.

Meanwhile, I am putting off the buying of the uniforms, backpacks, and lunchboxes a bit longer. I want a little more time to enjoy the summer and not have to think about getting ready for another school year just yet.

When do you have your kids start summer homework?


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