Do Mom Blogs Change Your Parenting?

I remember the first time I started noticing mom blogs entering into my mind when thinking about how to solve certain parenting problems. I had read about someone else who was having a similar situation and I hopped on the computer to see how she handled it, or at the very least to read her story again in commiseration.

This was in 2004.

Since then the mom blogs have exploded exponentially as we all know, and the information on parenting choices, goals, strategies and troubleshooting has exploded along with them.

No longer are we relying solely on our doctors and mothers to teach us what to do, but we have an entirely limitless village to draw knowledge from. Lisa Belkin, parenting columnist at Huffington Post, wrote this week about the latest study done by Scarborough on mom blogging, and brought up a great point about how moms are looking to blogs to find answers to their parenting questions and struggles.

The study is interesting in it’s stats on the amount of American mothers who blog (smaller than you’d think at only 14%) and does include some pretty eye rolling stereotypes (can we see a stop to the meme that mombloggers neglect their kids already!?), but as Lisa points out – the study also brings up the topic of how blogs are shaping an entire culture of mothers.

I happily admit that mom blogs have changed my parenting! I am proud of this generation of moms who are not afraid to share the struggles and talk about the hard parts of being a mom. I know there are those blogs out there that are simply ridiculous, but the great ones? They make be a better mother.

How about you? Does the mom ‘sphere get any credit for your parenting skills?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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