Breastfeeding Cookies for Nursing Moms?

It’s a genius idea. Nursing mothers get an excuse to eat cookies and increase their milk production at the same time. I’ve heard of “cookies and milk,” but I didn’t know that cookies could make milk!

Nursing moms can now choose between two brands: MilkMakers and Milkin’ Cookies. Both are made from healthy ingredients which are said to increase milk supply – such as oatmeal, yeast and flax-seed.

Sounds great. So what’s the problem? No problem really, but two minor questions: 1) Do nursing moms really need their own special food? 2) Do you really need to shell out big bucks to increase milk production?

As the hilarious Lenore Skenazy wrote at ParentDish, “My cookie of choice while breast-feeding did not cost $44 for 30 of them, as do the MilkMakers. It was called the “Oreo,” and it was available pretty much everywhere.”

It does seem like a brilliant marketing plan — target insecure new mothers who are willing to shell out money to ensure they can produce enough milk. But is it really necessary?

Here’s a crazy idea: why not bake these cookies yourself and save a lot of money?  Basically, they’re chocolate chip cookies with flax seed meal and Brewer’s yeast (no guarantee they’ll taste as good as the kind that cost $44, but it’s worth a shot).

There are certainly lots of herbal remedies (Fenugreek, Fennel seeds, Brewer’s Yeast, Red Raspberry tea, Blessed Thistle, Goats Rue and Nettle), drinks (beer!) and foods (cinnamon) which are said to increase milk supply. And, of course, the best of the bunch is free and readily available — water. Lots and lots of water.

What helped you increase your milk supply? Would you buy breastfeeding cookies? Really, aside from the price tag, I’m always up for eating cookies!

Photo: wikimedia/Ken Hammond

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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