Do These 8 Products from 1919 Really ‘Lighten the Labor of Your Home’ — Or Do They Add to It?

What would lighten the labor of my home would be if my kids and my husband moved out. Next to that, a cleaning lady every few days would be awesome. I suppose somewhere on my wish list would be some products that would make cleaning and organizing a little easier, but short of me having to do nothing, there aren’t too many conveniences more convenient than being able to put up my feet and do nothing while everything around me is already done.

It seems as if there were a lot of breakthroughs as it applies to cleaning house in 1919. Some vintage ads from that era just surfaced on that show women as happy as clams using a vacuum cleaner, iron, sewing machine, and washing machine. While those are indisputably preferable to less electric options, they’re still not preferable to doing no work at all.

Where are today’s breakthrough cleaning products? Where’s the upgrade to scrubbing a dirty toilet? How about changing a poopy diaper? There’s still no robot invented to take care of that!

Do these products from 1919 inspire you to clean because it could be worse? Or do they just make you want to move out and leave the mess to the next inhabitants?


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