Do You Check Your Child's Airplane Snacks…For Maggots?

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Imagine chomping down on these critters mid-flight.

Warning: if you are eating, have just eaten, or are squeamish in general, you might want to scroll down and skip to the next story.

‘You just never know what is in your food unless you cook it yourself’, my mother has always said. The more stories I hear, the more I am beginning to agree with this statement. Just this past year, we’ve covered multiple stories of alcohol in toddler’s drinks, worms in Capri Sun juice packs, and most recently, crushed bugs in Starbucks’ strawberry frappucinos.

Today’s story may take the cake, so to speak.

Victoria Cleven on a flight to Australia had a little snack on the very long flight home, and while high in protein, she probably wasn’t planning on finding maggots in her airline trail mix. Worse than that (yes, it does get worse),  the NY Daily News reports that she didn’t realize that something was wrong with her snack until she was in mid-chew:

“I felt like hair or something over my mouth. When I turned the light on and looked down I saw white stringy bits. Then I saw maggots crawling inside the pack.”

Luckily, before eating any himself, Cleven’s 15-year-old son Dylan, checked the other two packets of trail mix purchased from the airline, and discovered that they were crawling with maggots, too.

And that’s when technology comes in. How many times have customers found horrible things in their food, tried to alert the company and then told what they saw wasn’t there? Incidentally, Capri Sun is still trying to say that what customers found was mold, not worms, despite the pictures and videos uploaded online which show the worms. Cleven quickly took a video of the maggot infected trail mix and uploaded it on YouTube. (Warning: it’s pretty gross.) See what Cleven had to say via Skype when she talked to Right This Minute.

Of course, there is no way to know for sure what is in any food that is handed to you, and I’m sure this exact thing has happened at airlines, restaurants and grocery stores all over. What I takeaway from this -and all the other similar stories- is that we still have to visually check our food before eating it. I probably wouldn’t have normally looked in the snack bag before digging in, just like this woman. But you can bet, I will from now on.

Do you check every bit of food you give your child? Do you make it a habit to check your own food? What is the grossest thing you have ever found?

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