Do You Let Your Kids Play Outside Alone? (VIDEO)

Ok, I’m probably a little paranoid, but after working in the news business, I’m determined my family will never be a statistic if I can help it.

Especially my kids.

According to Kids Fighting Chance, a system that helps kids to protect themselves, every 40 seconds a child is reported missing….that’s about 800,000 kids. Of those – about 69,000 are abducted. About 12,000 of those are non-family abductions – and to go evern further – about 37% of THOSE are by a stranger. When you put it like that, it sounds *small*…. or *unlikely*, I know.  But it still happens.

It is right about this time of year, with the weather begging for us to head outdoors, that my husband I begin our annual, ‘can the kids play outside alone?’ debate. Every time we have had the conversation before, a story like Breeann’s will pop up… or this one about a 4 year old found within 20 minutes of my home. So, you can guess which side of the debate I’m on.

I get it.  I do.  I’m paranoid. And kids will be kids. And our neighborhood is safe.  And all that jazz.

But they are still my responsibilty.  And I still can’t bear the thought of anything happening on my watch.  But, I will have to relax eventually, yes?

What do you think?  Do you let your kids play outside alone?  And, at what age did you decide you were comfortable?

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