Doctor Accused Of Gruesome Botched Birth

Doctor Accused Of Gruesome Botched Birth via Babble
Betts says the doctor tried to cover up his deadly error.

In a truly horrifying story, a Missouri couple who lost their baby during birth are claiming that their obstetrician is not only responsible for their son’s death, but that he also tried to cover it up.

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette say the doctor is directly liable for their son’s death and the gruesome way he was killed.

When Betts went for a routine appointment a month before going into labor, Dr. Susan Moore told them that the baby would have to be delivered by cesarean section only because his abdomen was too large. A month later, at just 22 weeks, Betts went into labor.

That’s when Dr. Gilbert Webb, the doctor who would be delivering the baby at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, allegedly “refused to perform a C-section” and “would only agree to deliver her baby by way of attempted trial of vaginal delivery.” He also allegedly refused to release her to a different hospital and the couple say that “Betts consented to a trial of vaginal delivery under duress and protest.”

When the baby’s head was out, the rest of his body became stuck and the doctor pulled. As a result, he “separated (the boy’s) head from his cervical spine,” according to the complaint. “Blood “shot out” from the newborn’s neck in full view of his parents.”

Then the doctor allegedly pushed the baby back inside the mother and performed a cesarean section before he could even administer anesthesia to Betts. He is also said to have tried to cover up the boy’s wounds before giving him to the parents.

The couple is suing the medical practice (but not the hospital) for wrongful death and negligence.

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