Doctor Puts His Money Where Fattest Mom's Mouth Is

donna_simpson2_1596685_cropRemember Donna Simpson, the “Fattest Mom in America”?  At 520 pounds, she held the record for heaviest woman to give birth after the birth of her daughter.  And now she’s trying to reach 1,000 pounds.  On purpose.  Not everyone thinks this is a good idea, however.  At least one doctor is not only speaking out against Simpson’s goal but is also putting up the money to get her to stop.

Weight-loss expert Dr. Sanford Siegal, a practicing physician and creator of the Cookie Diet weight-loss system, believes that Mrs. Simpson is simply committing suicide slowly and, ultimately, painfully.  In a letter the doctor sent to Simpson, he explained that “mercifully, you are not likely to reach your goal.  Your early success will eventually work against you. As your diabetes becomes more severe and you become less mobile (probably bedridden), there’s a good chance that one or both of your legs will be amputated … But you may still feel pain in them even after they’re gone.”

Despite his eye-opening missive, it is not Donna Simpson herself that the Doctor is most concerned with.  Speaking of his and others’ work in fighting obesity among American kids and teenagers, he told Simpson that “your mission — and the publicity it has generated and will continue to generate — undermine our efforts and send a very bad message. While I sincerely want to save you from eating yourself to death, it is the population as a whole–especially children and impressionable teenagers–that I hope to help by convincing you to stop setting a terrible example and start being a good role model.”  I’m not sure how many teenagers and kids are going to look at pictures of Mrs. Simpson and want to be like her, but I could certainly see some lonely teenager somewhere, desperate for attention, deciding to follow Simpson’s lead to gain some notoriety.

In any case, it’s money that matters and Dr. Siegal has stepped forward in that department as well.  He is offering Simpson a total of $50,000 to give up her quest, $10,000 just to stop trying to gain weight and the rest as incentives to lose weight.  Bear in mind that the good doctor does have his own line of weight-loss products so this is very good publicity for him, but if it helps Mrs. Simpson, I’d say that’s okay.  What are your thoughts?

Photo: Telegraph

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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