Morning Sickness? Smoke Two of These and Call Me in the Morning

Here, honey. This ought to do the trick. Should I make a quick Taco Bell run?

My wife is currently pregnant with our fifth child. So she’s been down the whole pregnancy road before. And for her, thankfully, morning sickness doesn’t seem to be part of the journey. In her two previous pregnancies, she’s experienced very little of it—just a touch at the very, very beginning.

In fact, that’s what alerted her to this pregnancy. For three days she was nauseous, though now, it’s gone and will likely never return. But if it does, can you imagine her surprise if I told her: “Relax, honey. I got just what you need,” while dangling a plastic baggie in front of her. “A nickel bag of funk.”

Yesterday, MomLogic posted a piece called Pregnant Pot Smokers Sound Off. It detailed a guest post written by Jessica Katz just last week entitled Marijuana and Morning Sickness. In it, Jessica details how difficult her second pregnancy has been due to morning sickness. In fact, she points out that it’s anything but “morning” sickness, instead “24-hours-a-day” sickness, in spite of taking Zofran. She was more than a little surprised when her doctor recommended that she… smoke some pot.

But after some googling, Jessica learned that many moms have, indeed, effectively used medical marijuana to combat morning sickness. I’m not sure when she was searching, but if it was after November 2nd, she may have even run across Ceridwen Morris’ piece on Babble’s Being Pregnant which examined the issue.Ultimately Jessica decided that the potential remedy was not for her, but if she had opted to give it a try, she certainly wouldn’t have been alone. Jessica’s post on MomLogic? It got a huge response. In fact, “dozens of momlogic moms wrote in saying that they themselves had toked during their pregnancies, and that they recommended it … er, highly.”

Here are just a few of those comments:

Anonymous wrote: “If I [hadn’t smoked] marijuana when I was pregnant with my second child, I would have never eaten. The smell [and] taste of food made me so sick I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t do much — just a small hit, and then I was fine.”

Mom of 2 said: “I used [marijuana] during one of my pregnancies. My kid is super smart, quick, funny, charming and healthier than the one I didn’t smoke with.”

Rachel commented: “Zofran — chemically manmade drug. Cannabis — made from the earth. Which is more natural, in your opinion?”

Holly left the following testimonial: “During my first pregnancy, I was hospitalized repeatedly for dehydration due to severe hyperemesis. Zofran didn’t work. I was so sick that I told my husband it was a good thing we didn’t own a gun — and at that point, I wasn’t kidding …. Did I eventually break down and try marijuana? You bet. Did it work? Yes. Do I feel guilty about it? Not a single bit. How are my kids? They have performed above-average on all academic measures thus far, and have no problems focusing. :)”

I’m as liberal and open-minded as the next person, but I have to say, just like the folks at MomLogic, I was floored that so many moms vouched for marijuana as an effective way to battle morning sickness—not to mention that most did so with such passion. (You should really read Jessica’s original post and / or yesterday’s summary.)

Would I recommend that my wife smoke pot if she had an extreme case of morning sickness? I’m not sure. But I will say this. I think that we’ve over-corrected a bit when it comes to trying to make for safer pregnancies. We’ve subjected our future moms to endless restrictions, not to mention judgment should they chose to even moderately stray outside of what is now considered to be standard operating procedure.

Ultimately, it would be my wife’s decision. And as long as she made it after careful research and the blessing of a medical professional, I believe I’d be a-okay with it. Especially if it worked! What say you?

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