Doctor Whom: A Disneyfied Parody of Doctor Who

That Matt Smith makes me go all wibbly-wobbly is no secret, and as he returned to television this weekend as the boyishly charming Doctor Who, I found myself missing a few things.

Like his previously more playful TARDIS with its general madcappery and steampunky collection of bells and buttons and levels and gears.

And the Ponds of course. (I’m on the fence about Clara – why is she always a governess?)

And more suitably creepy moments that you can count on to be scattered throughout any given episode that usually involve Daleks and aliens that cling to ceilings and angels that make you never ever want to blink again. Ever.

I mean, sure, Spoonheads are freaky, but compare them to the Almost People and I think we all know who wins that throwdown.

Then I thought it would be kind of awesome if Disney characters played all 11 Doctor Who doctors, turning Doctor Who into Doctor Whom.

You know you’ve thought it through, especially after Sesame Street started it , and I kept it going with Downton Disney.

I can’t resist the Disney magic, people.

Or timey-wimey stuff.

  • image-3361 1 of 13
  • The First Doctor 2 of 13
    The First Doctor
    Older than intergalactic dirt, kind of like the 60s.
  • The Second Doctor 3 of 13
    The Second Doctor
    Bumbling and affable, we love this old dog's um, old slapsticky tricks. Make him mad though, and you're on your own.

    Anyone who's watched "The Goofy Movie" knows.
  • The Third Doctor 4 of 13
    The Third Doctor
    Frustrated and bitter, he longs to break free from his time period's limiting shackles. Or something.
  • The Fourth Doctor 5 of 13
    The Fourth Doctor
    Have you seen him? Twinsies!
  • The Fifth Doctor 6 of 13
    The Fifth Doctor
    Surprisingly human.
  • The Sixth Doctor 7 of 13
    The Sixth Doctor
    Arrogant, dramatic, self-absorbed, driven, stubborn - you see where this is going.
  • The Seventh Doctor 8 of 13
    The Seventh Doctor
    Eccentric and light-hearted, there's more cunning and mystery to his persona than meets the patched eye.
  • The Eigth Doctor 9 of 13
    The Eigth Doctor
    Time paradoxes, parallel universes - all things that describe the life of an explorer back in the day. Think about it.
  • The Ninth Doctor 10 of 13
    The Ninth Doctor
    Primitive and rough around the edges, he doesn't know his own history, but wants to learn. We do too.
  • The Tenth Doctor 11 of 13
    The Tenth Doctor
    They have the same hair. You know it's true now that you're looking.
  • The Eleventh Doctor 12 of 13
    The Eleventh Doctor
    Wears a fez. Doesn't brag about it.

    In related news, fezzes are cool.
  • The Twelfth Doctor 13 of 13
    The Twelfth Doctor
    What, it could happen?

    Everyone's been speculating as to who the Doctor's next reincarnation will be, so why not a girl to rock time and space?

    Doc could learn a British accent... because she would have to.

    Whovian rules.

Photo credits: (lead) BBC, (slideshow) Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Photo edits: All me.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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