Doctors: No Smartphones and Laptops In Kids’ Bedrooms #goodluckwiththat

Just 5 more minutes?
Just 5 more minutes?

I’m not really sure that this is a big newsflash or anything but doctors officially say you should limit your kids tweeting and texting. One way to do that, they say, is to keep smartphones and laptops out of bedrooms.

As Today reports, #goodluckwiththat.

At 4 and 2, my kids aren’t really worried about smartphones yet but they do have those little LeapFrog computers that I often have to tear them away from so I can imagine how difficult it would be to pry a smartphone from a teen’s fingers. Cold, dead hands and all, right?

Nonetheless, The American Academy of Pediatrics says many parents don’t realize that unrestricted media use can lead to cyberbullying, obesity, lack of sleep and more.

Dr. Victor Strasburger, lead author of the new American Academy of Pediatrics policy, says it expands the academy’s longstanding recommendations on banning televisions from children’s and teens’ bedrooms and limiting entertainment screen time to no more than two hours daily by adding Internet usage — including social networking and watching movies and TV —  to those two hours. Only online homework is excepted.

According to Today, kids are online a lot more than parents realize. In fact, the policy says being online is now the leading activity for children and teenagers other than sleeping. Kids are said to spend more time with media than they do in school. “The policy statement cites a 2010 report that found U.S. children aged 8 to 18 spend an average of more than seven hours daily using some kind of entertainment media. Many kids now watch TV online and many send text messages from their bedrooms after “lights out,” including sexually explicit images by cellphone or Internet, yet few parents set rules about media use, the policy says.”

Could your kids survive on just two hours of Internet a day? Do you limit their online time? Why or why not?

The policy was published online Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

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