Does Barbie Look Different to You?

Mattel’s latest Barbie line is called the “Barbie Basic Collection” and features 12 dolls dressed in something many women couldn’t live without: The little black dress. But one of these dolls appears to be sporting something else women have grown quite fond of:   Breast implants.

The Barbie in question is Model No. 10, featuring “African American skin tone, a striking Little Black Dress with a plunging neckline, and long sleek hair.”   Her face we’ve seen before – it’s called the Desiree sculpt and first appeared on Barbie dolls back in 2002.  But we are fairly sure would have remembered if we’d seen that cleavage before.  Did Barbie get breast implants?

Like large breasts tend to do, this so-called “busty Barbie” has drawn some unwanted attention.  Some parents want to know if a doll with a plunging-neckline revealing what looks like bolted-on gumballs is appropriate for little girls.

To determine if perhaps I, and others, were seeing things, I showed my 9-year-old the photo above and asked her what she thought.  She pointed to the doll’s cleavage and said, “That doesn’t look right.”   When pressed, she said the neckline is too low and the “boobs look weird.”

So then we went to the Barbie storage bin and grabbed some random dolls from her extensive collection.  We draped some fabric over their chests to mimic what this doll is wearing and compared.  There was no comparison.  No matter how we dressed or draped them, we could not recreate the rounded look of Model No. 10’s cleavage.

Mattel hasn’t commented on Barbie’s new, fuller look and if they do, I am sure they will claim we are making something out of nothing.  But I live near the live near the Jersey Shore and I know breast implants when I see them.  These look like they were modeled after the real, fake thing.

What do you think?

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