Dogs, Cats and Horses, Oh My! Celebrating Favorite Disney Pets!

I’m here to give credit where it’s due. Our favorite, loyal and sometimes mischievous pets deserve a day for us to recognize them and to acknowledge the unconditional love they give us.  Dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, you name it. Which is your favorite animal?

Disney has had AMAZING pets featured in their movies.  Some of them are lovable and caring while others, well… others are very, very naughty.

From Pluto to Stan (you know, that dog with a blog) , we’re taking the time to check out some of Disney’s most protective, most faithful and most loyal pets.  We also have pets that made our most naughty list!  Check it out!

  • 25 Loyal Disney Pets! 1 of 26
    loyal pets

    Join us as we celebrate some of Disney's most loyal pets!

  • Pongo and Perdita from “101 Dalmatians” 2 of 26
    Pongo and Perdita, disney

    Most loyal: These two sweethearts are responsible for bringing their owners together in a match made in heaven.  They are also the proud parents of 101 Dalmatians. In the movie, they're protective of their pups and their home from the evil hands of Cruella De Vil.

  • Abu from “Aladdin” 3 of 26
    Abu, Aladdin

    Most loyal: If your BFF turned you into an elephant, would you will consider them your friend? Abu stood by Aladdin's side through thick and thin.  Even after the whole elephant incident. Abu is the classic example that friends are friends forever, no matter what.


  • Bolt from “Bolt” 4 of 26
    Disney, Bolt

    Most protective: Bolt has superpowers that save his owner, Penny, by sticking up for her and protecting her from the bad guys in the movie Bolt. Besides being a TV star,  he's also a loyal friend to Mitten's the cat and Rhino, a hamster.

  • Lucifer from “Cinderella” 5 of 26
    Lucifer, Disney, Cinderella

    Most Naughty: Lucifer truly lives up to his name!  Poor Cinderella! She had it hard  with her family commanding she do everything around the house, and she didn't need Lady Tremaine's loyal pet, Lucifer, messing things up for her.

  • Angus from “Brave” 6 of 26
    angus, brave, pixar

    Most protective: Angus is Merida's trusted horse and confidant. He tries to protect her from following the Will O' the Wisps that will evidently change her fate. Despite Merida turning her mum into a ferocious animal,  Angus is faithful and helps Merida reach her mother before she is permanently transformed into a bear.  

  • Copper from “The Fox and the Hound” 7 of 26
    fox and hound, disney, copper

    Most loyal: Copper is a great example of being a loyal pet and friend in the movie, The Fox and the Hound.
    Copper knows he has to be loyal to his owner but he doesn't let that get in the way of his beloved friendship with Tod.


  • Dug from "Up" 8 of 26
    Dug, up, pixar

    Most loyal: Dug is the epitome of what a loyal dog should do for his master. In the movie, UP, we saw him act like a  faithful dog to Russell and Carl and besides Dug's hunting skills, he even befriends Kevin, the giant bird, who's actually a girl!

  • Figaro from “Pinocchio” 9 of 26
    Figaro, disney

    Most playful: Figaro is Gepetto's kitten in the movie, Pinocchio. Although he did some naughty stuff out of jealousy, he still falls in love with Pinocchio, after he becomes a real boy. If he didn't look so darn cute, I would have put him in the naughty list.

  • Tank Gang from “Finding Nemo” 10 of 26
    Finding nemo fish tank friends

    Most loyal: When Nemo is brought to the fish tank at a dentist office, he meets his soon-to-be best friends: Bloat, Bubbles, Peach, Gurgle, Jacques, and Deb.  Although the Tank Gang wasn't all that loyal to their human owner, they came together to help Nemo reunite with his dad via a drain in the dentist's office that leads straight into the ocean. I hope we get to see a reunion of these pals in Finding Dorywhich is set to be released November 25, 2015!

  • Ilago from “Aladdin” 11 of 26
    iago, parrot in Aladdin

    Most naughty: Ilago is Jafar's faithful parrot that often did the dirty work for him in the movie, Aladdin. He learned a good lesson though, when the Genie plucked him clean and sent him straight into Genie's lamp. Hey Ilago!  Want some crackers? 

  • Lady from "Lady and the Tramp" 12 of 26
    lady and the tamp, disney

    Most protective: When Lady discovered that an awful rat had entered the baby's room in Lady and the Tramp, we saw her go into protective mode.  Even though she got in trouble when her good deed was misinterpreted. She still remained loyal to her human owners.

  • Khan from "Mulan" 13 of 26
    Khan, Mulan's horse

    Most faithful: Khan was Mulan/Ping's protector in good times and in bad.  He covered her up whenever she was most vulnerable of being discovered she was a woman. He also stood by her side as she saved the Emperor and the palace from the evil Hun army.

  • Papi from “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” 14 of 26
    Papi and Chloe from Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    Most loyal: When Chloe gets kidnapped and taken south of the border in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1, Papi goes all out to protect the one he loves. Papi heads off on an adventure to bring back his one true love in what we all know as paradise, PuertoVillarta, Mexico.

  • Perry the Platypus from “Phineas and Ferb” 15 of 26
    Perry the platypus

    Most protective: Perry the platypus is as unique as they come.  He plays a platypus that helps save the world from doom. When Phineas and Ferb adopted him from the shelter, I'm sure they had no clue of his crime-fighting adventures.  He must be an awesome pet to own.

  • Pascal from “Tangled” 16 of 26
    Pascal, Tangled

    Most loyal: When Rapunzel wanted nothing more than her freedom, Pascal was her only support.  He is a faithful pet who was always by Rapunzel's side.  He was her mannequin when she made clothes and he helped her clean and paint. He truly was her BFF.

  • Rajah from “Aladdin” 17 of 26
    rajah, aladdin

    Most protective: Rajah is a protector. He didn't even let Aladdin come near Jasmine when meeting her on the balcony.  Just look at his face in the picture above.  He's a loyal friend that is only looking out for his owner. Great Job, Rajah!

  • Sparky from "Frankenweenie" 18 of 26
    sparky, frankenwinnie

    Most loyal: Sparky from Frankenweenie was as loyal to Victor Frankenstein, his owner, as Victor was to Sparky, when Victor brought Sparky back from the dead. These two are two peas in a pod.  Sparky's love for him was evident when Victor brings Sparky back to life (again) after he dies in a burning building.  

  • Si and Am from "Lady and the Tramp" 19 of 26
    siamese cats, lady and the tramp

    Most naughty: Si and Am made Lady's life impossible in Lady and the Tramp.  They are the spoiled Siamese cats from Aunt Sarah, who comes over to babysit the newborn baby when Jim Dear and Darling go out on a trip. The cats get Lady into so much trouble, she gets thrown out of the house in stormy weather.  Poor, poor Lady.

  • Stan from "Dog with a Blog" 20 of 26
    dog with a blog

    Most loyal: Stan is a dog that blogs.  Much to his family's surprise, he also speaks. Even though only the kids (Chloe, James and Avery)  know about his communication skills, Stan has proven himself loyal by covering up some of the crazy antics the kids get into at school and at home. Loyal dog for sure!

  • Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch" 21 of 26
    lilo and stitch, disney

    Most protective: When Lilo and her sister, Nani, adopted Stitch, little did they know what they were getting themselves into.  Stitch is an alien, Experiment626 , that lands on earth, only to be taken to a shelter because he was mistaken for a dog. Soon he learns about human life and makes it his mission to help Lilo and Nani after their parents passed away in a car accident.

  • Mr. Kipling from "Jessie" 22 of 26
    jessie, mrs kipling

    Most loyal: Ravi and his lizard, Mr. Kipling (or is it Mrs. Kipling?).  They were both adopted into the Ross family and now live in a penthouse home in New York City. Mr. Kipling also has a pretty neat home inside Ravi's room and has become a beloved and spoiled pet, in the Ross family.

  • Skully from “Jack and the Neverland Pirates” 23 of 26
    skully, jake and the neverland pirate

    Most loyal: As with every pirate, Jake has his faithful bird by his side.  He always watches out for Jake and the rest of the pirates and is very helpful when they all go off on an adventure. Unlike some other naughty parrots, Skully has proven to be trustworthy.

  • Minimous, The Great from "Sofia the First" 24 of 26
    Sofia and minimus, sofia the great

    Most loyal: Minimus has a very special relationship with Sofia. He's loyal to her as they both discovered that with the support of their friendship, they can accomplish everything.  Sofia believed in his ability to win a race, despite being smaller and slower than the other "winged" horses. Together, they earned a spot on the racing team at Royal Prep.

  • Diablo from "Sleeping Beauty" 25 of 26
    diablo, sleeping beauty

    Most naughty: Another bird that is used to do the dirty work for their masters, Diablo is the pet raven of the Evil Queen Maleficent. He searched for Aurora until he found her hidden in the forest. He was mighty loyal to Maleficent, but still could not keep her from finding her demise in the movie Sleeping Beauty.

  • Old Yeller from "Old Yeller" 26 of 26
    Old Yeller from Walt Disney Studios

    Most Protective: Old Yeller. What can I say about the dog who made me and all of America want a dog, just like Old Yeller. Well, at least until the very end when we all ended up crying our eyeballs out. Old Yeller was a protector.  Heck, he fought off a mama bear and a pack of wolves to protect his owners.  We love you, Old Yeller!!!

Photo Source: Walt Disney Studios, Disney Channel and Pixar Studios.

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