D’oh! 7 Misspelled School Signs that Will Make You Want to Homeschool Your Kids

Misspelled school sign
Children to the left, jokers to the right

It’s not as if anyone expects teachers and school administrators to be perfect. Most parents do, however, expect that teachers and school administrators should be able to spell the word “spell.”

It’s hard to emphasize the importance of good spelling to kids when those charged with formally educating them do it wrong, and in very prominent places.

Here are 7 of the most embarrassing spelling mistakes on educated-related signs (courtesy of Be prepared to cringe, and re-double your efforts to teach your kids as much as possible at home.

  • 15 Best Things About our Pubic Schools 1 of 7
    15 Best Things About our Pubic Schools
    No. 1: This sign.
  • Speeling Bee 2 of 7
    Speeling Bee
    The black sheep of the Spelling Bee family.
  • Hope You Had a Good Brake 3 of 7
    Hope You Had a Good Brake
    And that the gas pedal is doing well, too.
  • We Eccept the Challenge 4 of 7
    We Eccept the Challenge
    We also eccept our own, more serious challenges.
  • Leteracy Night 5 of 7
    Leteracy Night
    It can't come soon enough.
  • Laeping to Literacy 6 of 7
    Laeping to Literacy
    Slinking into shame.
  • ABC Chilren’s Academy 7 of 7
    ABC Chilren's Academy
    Where we have a thing against D's.

All images used with permission from For even more embarrassing spelling mistakes on education-related signs, click here.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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