Don't Call Me Mommy Blogger

On two major news networks this week, Heather Armstrong of Dooce and Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess mentioned how much they hate the term mommy blogger (Heather on the Today Show, Jenny on CNN).

This is not news; we’ve talked about here on MomCrunch twice before about how unpopular the term is, but that doesn’t stop anyone from using the term, hence it coming up on the news yet again. What was interesting to me, though, was the fact that Jenny also mentioned that we women need to stop calling each other “mommy” speaking in reference to the latest round of the mostly-media-fueled “mommy wars.” (If you want a hilariously fresh look at the story, I highly recommend this “Hunger Games Mommy Wars” version).

I think Jenny has a point.

The reason most of us who dislike the term object is two- fold; first, the issue that Jenny mentioned on CNN no one should be calling me mommy that isn’t my kid. Secondly, calling us “mommy” is diminutive, and quite dismissive. When you call us a “mommy” there’s an implied “just a” in there. As if we stop being grown women with full, well-rounded lives full of quirks and skills and experiences once we’ve “pushed someone out our lady garden” (or any other way you build a family and become a mother).

Toss the “blogger” in there and suddenly you have a cheek-pinchingly adorable little hobby. Hell, even scrapbooking sounds more professional than “mommy blogging” does (hey, not to dismiss you scrapbookers, swear, please don’t hurt me).

The term just sucks.

This is why I always use the term “mom bloggers” while discussing mothers that blog. It’s not ideal I long for the day when we get to be called simply “bloggers” but it’s better. Even those that don’t mind being called a “mom blogger” feel “squicky” about being called a “mommy blogger.” Don’t get me wrong I utterly ADORE my daughter calling me mommy. It makes my heart melt.

But when a 25 year old public relations person calls me Mommy in an outreach email, yeah, it gets my dander up. If you have to send me a generic email (which I totally forgive you for), just say “Dear Blogger”, please.

Cause I’m not your mommy, yo.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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