You Can Now Buy a 3D, Life-Size Model of Your Unborn Child. Yes, Really.

3D Babies
Awwww . . . I mean, ewwww

It’s one thing to be so excited that you just can’t wait to meet your unborn child. It’s one thing to hang the sonogram pictures on your refrigerator, email them to grandma and grandpa, or make them a part of your baby book. It happens to the best of us.

It’s a whole other thing, however, to have a 3D, life-size model made using an image from one of your sonograms. It’s a whole expensive thing. And it’s a whole creepy thing.

A company in California, 3D Babies, uses 3D or 4D sonogram photos to “create a doll that resembles your baby while he or she is still in the womb,” according to the New York Daily News.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring a smile to the faces of parents, grandparents, and other family members as they recall the day that they met their little one,” the 3D Babies website says.

You’d think what the family would choose to recall would be the day they actually meet their little one, not the day an incredibly alien-like object shows up in a box quite possibly resembling a coffin.

Not to mention? If you’ve ever had 3D sonogram pictures, then you know they end up looking nothing like your baby. Because the baby isn’t full developed. It’s surrounded by fluid and other stuff. Kind of like your body knows this 9-month period is meant to be private — some time alone for the baby to form and develop without the prying eyes of people trying to make it real before it’s real (yes, we are talking about you 3D babies).

Plus? These dolls ain’t cheap. An 8-inch model will run you $600, it’s $400 for a 4-inch model, and $200 for 2-inches. You can choose the baby’s position “depending on whether you want the baby’s gender to be clear.” You can also choose a light, medium, or dark skin tone.

However, you know other normal companies make all kinds of un-creepy dolls, right? Look at all these dolls that don’t resemble the non-fully formed one in your uterus. So not creepy!

Oh, and if you’re not pregnant, but you want one of these dolls, for fun, maybe? Fret not! They actually have a celebrity doll section where you can purchase a doll that looks like Kim and Kanye’s daughter, North West. She’s bargain priced at $250. Maybe because it is absolutely crazy to buy a doll that looks like someone else’s baby. Just sayin’.

But perhaps the creepiest part of this whole thing? The beginning of the un-baby process is a 3D printer, which is picking up steam in all sorts of industries (chocolate! houses! guns!). It’s bad enough that baby-like babies are being made with the helps of 3D printers. Let’s hope the real things continue to be made the old-fashioned way.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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